Celebratize Your Style: Kate Middleton

BY: Chealsia Smedley

Last spring, the world stopped to watch a real life fairytale come alive when England’s Prince William married Kate Middleton, a wealthy yet ordinary woman he met in college.

When their relationship began in 2002, Kate was the girl to watch and has since become a princess and continually proved her abilities to look flawless in front of the paparazzi.

Kate, a former accessories buyer for British fashion chain Jigsaw, is a master at assembling a classic, timeless outfit. Her clean, put-together look paired with the constant worldwide attention makes her a perfect style icon. Since Kate’s style is ideal for a variety of people — sorority girls, working girls and Alden-doomed students alike — anyone can take a fashion lesson from her.

“She always has to be very crisp and well put-together, well-groomed,” said Other Place employee Tonya Marcotte.

This is part of what makes Kate so great. She’s always ready for any situation and her look is consistently polished. Some of the classic wardrobe statements essential to Kate’s style are blazers, classic no-fuss dresses and a solid pair of riding boots.

“She definitely made a statement with the riding boots. Riding boots are huge now. We always sell out of them in the winter and the fall; they go great with skinny jeans and dresses. So thank you, Kate,” said Other Place manager Ginny Flowers.

Another trend that skyrocketed because of Kate is the spring-appropriate colored denim. Kate was spotted wearing a pair of coral pants to a tennis match and since then the trend has taken off. Everyone from the Gap to Urban Outfitters has incorporated colored denim into their inventory. The Gap now features colored denim, colored khakis and even neon threads.

Athens caught on to this trend. For summer, The Other Place has a line of colored shorts in a variety of shades, which are perfect for transitioning the trend from spring to summer.

Kate knows how to make even coral pants look timeless by pairing them with a blazer or a T-shirt.

“She pairs beige with colored denim; we do that a lot too,”  Flowers explained.

Kate keeps a noticeable, functional color palette that aids in her overall outfit.

“She wears lots of sailor colors, neutrals, blues and olives,” Marcotte said.

These colors are both flattering and all-season appropriate. Even Vera Bradley took hold of Kate’s color palette with a classic line of Kate Middleton bags and wallets in a rustic shade of olive green for fall. The collection can no longer be found in Vera Bradley stores, but there are still remnants of the line at The Other Place.

Although it may seem as if Kate plays it safe with fashion, the consistency of the rest of her outfit allows her to have fun with accessories.

“With her, the first thing I think of are these crazy little hats, like the crazy fun hats. They’re very cool,” Flowers said.

Whether it’s are fun, playful hats that she’s spotted in while going to tea, or a cool fedora that she rocks out on the town, Kate Middleton dresses from the top down. These hats work to take Kate from solely a status symbol of upper-class country clubbers to someone with a bit of British street-style flair. Hats are both an original and easy way to add flair to an outfit. Fedoras are great for a night out or paired with a sundress on a warm day.

Also, a little bit of the sculptural hat vibe can be achieved with a headband. More and more, headbands are evolving into pieces of statement rather than function. It’s a toned down version of a bright red miniature hat that Kate might be seen wearing at a royal affair, but toned down in a way that makes it available to the public.

When trying to find your inner royalty, think classic styles and no-fuss hues. Don’t be afraid to throw on a fun headband or a cool hat to give you a little bit of flair and some practice for the tiara.

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