Celebratize Your Style: Sarah Jessica Parker

By: Chealsia Smedley

Fearless, classic and always chic, Sarah Jessica Parker and her on-screen alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, effortlessly achieve fashion icon status and maintain a place in fashion history. When the Nelsonville native first grazed the celebrity scene she was awkward and offbeat with frizzy hair, braces and a number of fashion mishaps. But, as her career blossomed, so did her fashion knowledge and she seamlessly evolved into an elegant woman with identifiable flair.

As the face of “Sex and the City,” Carrie shares Sarah Jessica Parker’s eye for style and also moved her way up from thrift stores to high-end retail. But, money is never a necessity for true style, which can be achieved at any price with the right tools and a celebrity example like Sarah Jessica Parker. The two-in-one fashion flair of SJP can be found on a budget, and a piece of that is here in Athens.

The first step to capturing the fashion feel of this savvy woman is confidence. She is not afraid to mix the unexpected and use bold prints, floral and color. Sarah Jessica Parker pulls off a pink floral bubble dress paired with a bright blue blazer with perfection, and a white dress with an over-sized, over-the-top flower on her shoulder without looking out of the ordinary.

“One of the biggest things about fashion is that anyone can wear whatever they want to as long as they have confidence,” Ginny Flowers, the manager of The Other Place, said. This is definitely needed to tackle SJP’s edgy fashion fearlessness.

One thing that Sarah Jessica Parker and her TV counterpart are famous for is their ability to rock the highest heels. Walking around campus in six-inch heels not only takes confidence but also perseverance. Treacherous hills leave their conquerors gasping for air, brick pavements ensnare a heel and endless walking are strong obstacles, but the pain is worth the gain. Especially with the relief brought by new fashion technology and the satisfaction of pulling off heels against the odds.

Some things to try are non-slip grip pads that can be purchased on Amazon for a college-friendly price of 99 cents and SoleMates High Heelers that go directly on the heel and keep them from sinking in grass. A heel can be a great way to add a little pizzazz to a classic ensemble.

Also, these icons are masters at layering on top; Sarah Jessica Parker constantly reuses the blazer and dress combination to her advantage. Figleaf, on Court Street, is a great place to find blazers, heels and solid dresses that pop for a night out or a hot dinner date Carrie-style.

In the midst of spring, floral prints and sundresses are a timeless way to be in tune with the season. While Sarah Jessica Parker’s style is bold, it’s always feminine.

“She somehow has a daring style, but it’s always classy. It’s her femininity that makes the edginess toned down and never too crazy,” Tonya Marcotte, an employee at The Other Place,  said.

The mall-deprived OU student is in luck, because Artifacts is full of fun and feminine dresses.

“We have a ton of sun dressy dresses. We always order a lot of patterns and floral, especially as the weather gets warmer. We will continue to keep rolling in with the sundresses,” Artifacts manager Hannah Morgan said.

While Sarah Jessica Parker is bold, feminine and a pro at dressing up, she also has a great casual-chic look that is perfect for class or a day at Alden.

One of the key components of any look is to incorporate the basics. There is a large supply of American Apparel t-shirts at The Other Place that would be great for this comfy-chic look. Also, everyone needs a solid pair of boyfriend jeans these days. They are slowly taking over the skinny jean look, and provide a feel that is perfect for the busy college student.

Whether decked out in heels, bold prints and colors, or laying low in a t-shirt, flats and big sunglasses, Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion success. Not only does she know how to play with fashion, but she also knows how to be both casual and fabulous  — and now you do, too. —

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