SpeakeasyEnt: The Girlcrush Edition

It’s hard to throw a stone in the entertainment world without hitting a gorgeous, talented woman squarely in her perfectly-coiffed head, and it’s even harder to not fall in love with such a distant specter of beauty and grace.

Nobody appreciates this more than the ladies of SpeakeasyEnt, who know a thing or two about being pretty and awesome.

In recognition of this, here are their picks for their oh-so-special fantasy females in their lives.

Karen Gillan is pretty. Pretty AWESOME. But seriously, she’s totally gorg and her performance on “Dr. Who” is magical.

Karen Gillan | Carina Belles

I can’t decide if I want to marry Karen Gillan, or be her. This goddess-among-women captured geeky hearts everywhere when she earned the role of The Doctor’s companion, Amelia Pond, on the sci-fi classic “Doctor Who.”

Not only that, Karen also causes many a lady to question her sexuality on a daily basis. There’s just something about her I cannot get over. Is it her shockingly red hair? Her sassy attitude? That Scottish accent? Oh my. Karen, call me.

Not only is she mind-blowingly hot, she’s also a total goofball, known for constantly messing with her co-stars, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill (who are also hot) and wearing ridiculous outfits no one else in the world could pull off. Seriously, this woman could throw on a burlap sack and still look flawless. Oh right, that’s probably because she’s a former model. She is literally that perfect.

I think it’s silly to put labels on our sexualities, so I will just say that I’m not always watching “Doctor Who” for the crazy aliens and witty dialogue. Sometimes I just want to see Karen and her mile-long legs running around in her tiny mini skirts and short shorts. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


If you don’t want to see Anne Hathaway in a catwoman suit I don’t know what you do want to see.

Anne Hathaway | Holly Coletta

I sort of judge a guy’s dateability by who his celebrity crushes are. If he says “Megan Fox” or “Kim Kardashian, anyday anytime” I’m all, “Uh, NEXT.” But if he says, “Anne Hathway,” my response is more like, “I would punch you in the face right now to win her affection.”

It’s one thing to fall in love with a literary heroine, but it’s another to be just as head-over-heels for her when the book gets adapted for the big screen. Anne Hathaway completely and effortlessly embodied Princess Mia in “The Princess Diaries,” much to the joy of awkward curly haired girls everywhere.

I loved her humor and her hair and her cat, but Anne didn’t stop stealing my heart there. She starred in two other film adaptations of my favorite books – the admittedly awful “Ella Enchanted” and the admittedly fantastic “The Devil Wears Prada.”

She’s classy, having avoided the “trainwreck” phase of young female celebs and the “leaked” nudes epidemic. She continued to make credible movies, too, and got nominated for an Oscar. Then she hosted the Oscars and showed off a triple-threat persona and totally out-awesomed James Franco.

So, free pass with Italian con-artist boyfriends or agreements to make movies like “Valentine’s Day,” Anne.

Plus, as if co-starring with the super cute boy from “Brink!” (where my ‘90s girls at?) in “The Princess Diaries” wasn’t enough to cement my eternal girlcrush, Anne gets to be freaking Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

I can’t even.


Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling would make beautiful babies. Just sayin’.

Carey Mulligan | Emily Estep

Who’s my girl-crush? Okay, here are some clues: she’s as British as possible (straight outta Westminster, London), she’s been nominated for an Academy Award in the past five years, she rocks a pixie cut like a boss and she’s only 26 years old.

Did you figure it out? It’s the star of such recent, serious films as “Drive” and “Shame,” Carey Mulligan; the Oscar nominee who broke out into the scene and into our hearts in “An Education” in 2009. Since then – Mulligan has snagged almost exclusively awards-y roles, leading up to Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming 2012 adaptation of “The Great Gatsby,” where she’ll be playing Daisy Buchanan.

Yeah – that Daisy. The flawless one. The one most fitting for the grace of but only one goddess: Carey Mulligan.

The lady has seemingly transcended the rules of women in modern film, with a cute (but not overtly sexy) face and a flirty (but not slutty) attitude, raising the bar for the celebrity wannabes. Mulligan can be seen on the big screen right now in “Shame,” or stunning the red carpet white with her fierce fashion choices.


Mila Kunis’ beauty is friggen’ otherworldy sometimes. Also, she’s Meg from “Family Guy.” What.

Mila Kunis | Nikki Lanka

I have a girl crush on Mila Kunis for three reasons.

First of all, okay, I’m shallow. She’s a total babe.

Second, her climb to stardom is so badass. You’ll hear about celebrities who have risen to fame out of low-income homes of New York, small western towns with no movie theaters, or, in a rare stroke of what must be pure luck, got out of Ohio before retirement. And those are all remarkable accomplishments, no doubt.

But Mila Kunis escaped from Soviet Russia. By winning the lottery. Twice.

Her family lived in a small town in the USSR, but after enduring religious persecution for their Jewish faith, entered and won a lottery to relocate to Moscow. They had to then enter another one to get to the States. Kunis came to America in the second grade not knowing a smidge of English and was on a nationally aired sitcom within seven years, after lying about her age for the audition.

So there’s that.

And finally, she may be gorgeous, but her role choices don’t just rely on her good looks. I hate to get too “You Go Girl!!!” but it’s refreshing to see a young actress who chooses to play roles of intelligent women, but doesn’t feel like she has to pretend she isn’t attractive.

When she is playing the stereotypical Pretty Bitch like Jackie, it’s done with an air of self-deprecation. Lily in “Black Swan” was the beautiful antagonist, but a surprisingly down to earth one. Then there’s “Family Guy’s” Meg, who is… well… Meg.

And seriously, if a girl can both flee from communism and somehow bring any sex appeal at ALL to Meg, she must be doing something right.


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