NFL Picks Week 2

Another week of NFL action is set to kickoff tonight with the Chicago Bears looking to put Super Bowl favorite Green Bay in the hole at 0-2.


  1. Danny: 12-4
  2. Wes: 9-7
  3. Garr: 9-7

Let’s see if Wes and Garr can keep up with the picking machine that is Dan Medlock.

Bears at Packers

Danny: GB 41 CHI 27 –  Jay Cutler wished good luck to Green Bay’s corners in covering his receivers. I think Cutler’s ego will help the Packers, as Chicago strays away from their stellar running game a little too much to back up the claim.

Wes: GB 27 CHI 24 – I just can’t see the Packers starting the season 0-2.

Garr: GB 24 CHI 13 – Can’t imagine the Packers losing twice in a row, especially at home. Something tells me Jay Cutler telling the Packers corners “good luck” won’t help either.

Chiefs at Bills

Danny: BUF 27 KC 17 – I think this might be the most fun game to watch all week. Spiller and Charles can both take it to the house at any time and literally you have no idea which Matt Cassel (the bad or above average one) or Ryan Fitzpatrick (also bad or above average) will show up. I like Buffalo in their home opener, playing hard for defensive linemen Marcell Dareus whose brother was murdered earlier this week.

Wes: KC 20 BUF 10- The Buffalo defense was supposed to be much improved with the addition of Mario Williams. This supposed improvement was nowhere to be found against the Jets, as Buffalo surrendered 48 points to what was supposed to be a terrible offensive unit.

Garr: KC 20 BUF 19 – I had both of these teams winning last week and both fell well short. I have to give the edge to the Chiefs simply because it was the Bills that gave Mark Sanchez false hope of becoming an elite quarterback last week.

The Battle for Ohio Part 1

Danny: CIN 27 CLE 6 – Something tells me that even if  suspended Browns cornerback Joe Haden was allowed to take mass quantities of Adderall before he squared off against A.J. Green, Green’s size would be too much.

Wes: CIN 24 CLE 10- Last week, I said that the Browns would come nowhere close to defeating the Eagles. Boy, was I wrong. I guess Cleveland could surprise me in this game, but their offense is nothing short of deplorable.

Garr: CLE 9 CIN 7 – The Browns defense actually played very well against the Eagles. Yes, Michael Vick isn’t that good of a quarterback to begin with, but I was still impressed. If Brandon Weeden can find some way to get in field goal range against a Bengals defense that looked awful against Baltimore, Phil Dawson will do the rest.

Vikings at Colts

Danny: MIN 27 IND 17 – Jared Allen is going to give Andrew Luck his welcome to the NFL moment this week.

Wes: IND 17 MIN 13 – Although it may be a little boring to watch, this game between two evenly matched opponents should remain pretty close throughout. I envision Andrew Luck getting his first win.

Garr: MIN 27 IND 20 – The Vikings should take advantage of their easy schedule for as long as they can. Once they face all three of their division foes they’re toast.

Saints at Carolina

Danny: NO 34 CAR 24 – Going from playing RGIII to Cam Newton is almost unfair scheduling. I can’t see a Drew Brees led team being 0-2, however.

Wes: NO 27 CAR 20- This is a game between two teams that sorely underperformed last week. I say the Saints get back on track this week due to their overall superior level of talent.

Garr: CAR 17 NO 10 – The Saints clearly couldn’t stop RGIII. Can’t imagine Cam Newton being any easier.

Buccaneers at Giants

Danny: NYG 24 TB 13 – The Giants get back to playing solid defense and running the ball in this one, win comfortably at home.

Wes: NYG 28 TB 17- The Bucs surprised me in their defeat of the Panthers last week. The defending champs should prove to a tougher out, however.

TB 21 NYG 17 – First of all, hats off to the Bucs snapping their 10-game losing streak. More hats off to the Bucs for holding Carolina to just 10 rushing yards last week. Third, why were you wearing more than one hat? Fourth, the Giants only got 82 rushing yards in their opener, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were shut down again.

Cardinals at Patriots

Danny: NE 48 ARI 24 – I actually think Kevin Kolb is going to look pretty good in this one. Only problem is Brady, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Welker, Lloyd and now Stevan Ridley will all look pretty good as well.

Wes: NE 34 ARI 14- Who will the Cardinals’ starting quarterback be? Last week, starter John Skelton got hurt, which paved the way for Kevin Kolb’s game-winning drive. This quarterback controversy will be no match for the mighty Pats.

Garr: NE 35 ARI 17 – Tom Brady looked like regular ol’ Tom Brady last week against Tennessee. The Cardinals will find out quickly in this game that Brady and the Pats won’t need an extra timeout to try to win this one.

Texans at Jaguars

Danny: HOU 34 JAC 14 – “It’s a long season,can you please not give Arian Foster garbage carries this week, Coach Kubiak?” – Every Ben Tate and/or Arian Foster  fantasy owner.

Wes: HOU 31 JAC 13- The Jags came oh so close to getting a season-opening win last weekend against the Vikings. This game won’t be nearly as close.

Garr: HOU 34 JAC 7 – Just 15 more games until they join the infamous 2008 Lions as the only two teams to lose all 16 games in a season, but who’s counting?

Raiders at Dolphins

Danny: OAK 30 MIA 10 I know I said Oakland would score 41 last week; but I also expected them to be able to run the ball effectively and most importantly be able to execute a punt. Miami is just that bad, that Oakland wins on the road Sunday.

Wes: OAK 24 MIA 10- The Raiders botched three punts and didn’t score a touchdown until the final minute in their Monday Night Football loss to the Chargers. However, they’re still slightly more talented than Miami.

Garr: OAK 28 MIA 14 – Carson Palmer actually didn’t look too bad (297 yards and a TD) against San Diego Monday. Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins still have a long way to go.

Ravens at Eagles

Danny: BAL 27 PHI 23 I want to re-bill this game as “The Teams That Have Great Running Games but Will Throw the Ball 20 More Times Than They Should Because the NFL is a Passing League Bowl.”

Wes: BAL 31 PHI 21- Michael Vick played horribly last week in throwing four interceptions against the Browns, and this week’s opposing defense only gets tougher. Vick may be in for a long day if LeSean McCoy doesn’t become more involved.

Garr: BAL 31 PHI 7 – Michael Vick won’t get away with the same awful performance he had in Cleveland against this staunch Ravens defense.

Redskins at Rams

Danny: STL 23 WAS 17 – RGIII is special and St. Louis is not, but I think we forgot there was a time Sam Bradford was the future of the NFL. I think he reminds us of who he is this week.

Wes: WAS 24 STL 14- I knew RG3 was talented, but I didn’t expect him to lead his team to a victory over what was supposed to be a superior Saints squad. With this performance in the books, this week should be a relative breeze for the rookie signal-caller.

Garr: WSH 24 STL 14 – Could RGIII’s debut have gone any better? Actually, yes – I could’ve started him on my fantasy team.

Jets at Steelers

Danny: PIT 24 NYJ 7 That had to be a fluke last week. I predict the Steelers pick the Sanchize 5 times in their season opener. (Concerned Patriot Fan Voice)

Wes: PIT 27 NYJ 17- My Steelers disappointed me with their loss to the Broncos on Sunday Night Football. The defense looked somewhat old and the offensive line continued to be injury-prone. I’m hoping the Jets’ explosive offensive performance from last week was just an anomaly.

Garr: PIT 19 NYJ 12 – Like Pittsburgh going to Denver, I feel like the Jets have traveled to the Steel City a lot recently, whether it be in the regular season or playoffs. In fact, I went to the last game between the Steelers and Jets in Pittsburgh. I remember the Jets winning, and I remember Santonio Holmes running to the center of the field and bowing to all of the fans after the game. Here’s hoping Ryan Clark (welcome back) and the rest of the Steelers D remembers that.

Cowboys at Seahawks

Danny: SEA 18 DAL 17 If there is one thing I’ve learned watching the NFL in my lifetime it is do not expect consistency from the Cowboys. My little belief in Russell Wilson is slightly larger than my belief that Tony Romo will have another great game.

Wes: DAL 27 SEA 17- I thought the Seahawks were the second best team in the NFC West, but their loss to the Cardinals last weekend puts that thought on hold. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are coming off a big win against the defending champs.

Garr: DAL 23 SEA 13 – Instead of extra timeouts, this week the refs are just going to give Seattle points. I’m serious. Look closely at the FOX scoreboard at kickoff. It’s going to say 13-0.

Titans at Chargers

Danny: SD 22 TEN 13 – Tennessee did not look good at home last week vs. New England, no reason to believe they’ll be better on the road with Jake Locker now nursing a separated shoulder.

Wes: SD 20 TEN 10 – Titans running back Chris Johnson had 11 carries for four yards last week. Enough said.

Garr: SD 38 TEN 20 – Good to see Chris Johnson kept up his monster numbers from last year. Four yards on 11 carries? Money.

Lions at 49ers

Danny: SF 34 DET 17 – Jim Harbaugh wins again; this time is diplomatic in victory. San Francisco looks like early season favorites for the Super Bowl.

Wes: SF 24 DET 20- The Lions took a little while to get rolling against the Rams last week. This game should be competitive, but the 49er defense will just prove too tough for Matthew Stafford to lead a second consecutive game-winning drive.

Garr: SF 28 DET 21 – After the handshake fiasco last year between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz, I definitely circled this game on my Lions calendar. Then I realized my Lions calendar was still in my shopping cart, and that I had just written on my computer screen. Then after trying to wipe it off, I realized I had used permanent marker and was stuck with a giant red circle on my screen. But I digress. Anyway, as much as I want to pick Detroit, the way Stafford played last week against the Rams and how good the 49ers defense is, I have to take San Fran.

Broncos at Falcons

Danny: ATL 34 DEN 30 – Julio Jones has come so far so quickly and transformed Matt Ryan into an elite quarterback. That statement is my opinion, it will be fact come Tuesday morning.

Wes: ATL 34 DEN 31- Both of these teams looked fantastic on the offensive side of the ball in their respective openers last week. I give the three-point edge to the Falcons since they are the home team.

Garr: DEN 31 ATL 21 – Peyton Manning was the most impressive quarterback last week. He showed no signs of rust from being out all of last year against one of the better defenses in the league in the Steelers.

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