Hot Tub Guy: The quest for the missing hot tub

“Wanna make this really interesting?”

The first words out of Kevin Lenahan’s mouth shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I met him at the Front Room on Thursday. After all, Kevin seems to find himself in bizarre situations rather often. The guy did make it onto “SNL” and “The Daily Show” after installing, and later removing by University demands, a hot tub into his dorm room. He also brought an original DeLorean from “Back to the Future,” which his buddy owns, to the front of Baker Center. At this point I should have just expected the unexpected, I’m sure, but I had no idea where his question was heading.

The original picture of Kevin in his dorm room hot tub, taken last spring. Photo credit

I answered hesitantly. “Sure? How?”

“You know how my hot tub was stolen?” he asked.

I did know that. Kevin and I used to work together at Shively Dining Hall, and he mentioned the theft to me late in the year. The last time he saw his hot tub was during Mill Fest, where he set it up on his friend Steve’s lawn for the festivities. But Kevin didn’t take it back immediately, and two days later, the hot tub had disappeared.

He looked at me and smiled. “Well, we’re gonna go steal it back.”

Oh, boy.

Kevin’s source of intel lived next to the hot tub thief. They became acquaintances last year and later reconnected at the Court Street Diner, where she works.

“The waitress comes up, and she’s got this big booger hanging out of her nose,” he began. “So I said, ‘Pardon me miss, but you happen to have a large booger protruding from your nostril.’”

They hadn’t yet recognized each other, until she asked if he was the hot tub guy. He affirmed.

“She looked at me and said, ‘I know who has your hot tub,’” he said.

She claimed the man’s name to be George. Kevin may have known his informant before, but he told me getting recognized on the street by strangers is no unusual occurrence.

“It’s funny because I can tell they know who I am, but they don’t want to say it because they don’t want come off as creepy,” he said, chuckling. “But it doesn’t come off as creepy at all.”

He was actually offered a few jobs after the stunt with media and hot tub companies, all of which he turned down. The United States Marine has had his hands full, after all. He spent all summer partaking in a training exercise in Latvia.

His absence from the country curbed his ability to delve into the stolen hot tub mystery. But now, with address in hand, Kevin was ready to find his inflatable, heated holy grail. We took off from Front Room and piled into his (notably tidy) car, ready to start the adventure.

The doors slammed shut, the engine revved to a start and we headed west with the sun in our eyes.

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