NFL Picks Week 4

After one of the most frustrating, yet admittedly exciting weeks in NFL Hhistory the real refs are back for this week’s action which kicks off tonight with the Browns taking on the Ravens on NFL Network. In celebration of NFL Network finally being picked up by Time Warner Cable and the return of Ed “Guns” Hochuli and others we reward you with another round of Speakeasy NFL Picks.Last week was a tough week for anyone and everyone who does pick em’, never has there been more parity in the NFL than there is currently.  Here are the current standings:

Danny :    (28-20)     (5-11)

Wes:          (26-22)   (8-8)

Garr:          (19-29)   (4-12)

Unanimous picks: (WINNING TEAM IN BOLD)

“Last week, 5 of the 6 games we unanimously agreed on we selected wrong. Take our picks in this section with a grain of salt here; I blame the replacement refs.” – Danny

  • Browns at Ravens

“I need to improve my record, can’t shoot myself in the foot again by picking the Browns.”– Danny

Ahtyba Rubin and the Browns take on the Ravens tonight. (Photo by Tracy Bouilan of the Plain Dealer)

  • Patriots at Bills

“There should be no need for Bill Belichick to grab an official at the end of this game because the Bills will not be in the situation of a game-winning score. Although the Bills are beginning to improve, the Pats are still the class of their division.” – Wes

  • 49ers at Jets

“I want to pick the Jets in this game, but I’m literally unsure how the Jets will move the ball down field.” – Danny

  • Panthers at Falcons

 “It appears as though Superman’s kryptonite might be the sophomore slump.” – Danny

  • Titans at Texans

“Have the Texans clinched their division yet?”- Garr

  • Bengals at Jaguars

The Bengals’ offense is explosive. There’s no way the Jags come within single digits of their opponents in this one.” – Wes

  • Dolphins at Cardinals

How many times do you think Ryan Tannehill will overthrow that fade rout in the corner of the endzone this weekend?” – Garr

  • Raiders at Broncos

I’ve picked Denver every week so far this season by justifying it with “Peyton Manning is back baby!” This week, I’m picking Denver simply because I do not think the Raiders can win two in a row.” – Danny

  • Saints at Packers

“What’s the deal in New Orleans? I guess the importance of a head coach has been taken for granted for far too long. Sean Payton’s absence is really hurting this team.” – Wes

  • Redskins at Buccaneers

“I’d like to see RG3 go down for a kneel, watch the Bucs defenders swarm him and try to force a fumble, then scramble away from all of them with a burst of speed and score a late TD.” – Garr

The Picks

Seahawks at Rams

Danny: SEA 23 STL 13 – Shout out to Pete Carroll, everyone thought drafting Russell Wilson over Kirk Cousins (myself included) was insane. Everyone laughed at the Bruce Irvin pick in the first round. Is Pete Carroll the Belichick of the west? The Patriot fan in me says no, but there might actually be something there.

Wes: SEA 20 STL 10- Though overshadowed by the replacement referees’ absolute joke of a call that gave them a win last week, the Seahawks still showed that they have a pretty good defense. They held the normally potent Packers offense to just 12 points, so I’ll give the Rams’ mediocre offense 10.

Garr: STL 13 SEA 7 – I don’t like the fact Russell Wilson thought they really won the MNF game last week. They didn’t. Yes, they held Green Bay to 12 points, but they only put up 7. I’m giving St. Louis, a team that’s better than most people think, the W.

Chargers at Chiefs

Danny: KC 24 SD 20 – Jamaal Charles is back, believe the hype.

Wes: SD 23 KC 17- The Chiefs are coming off a huge come-from-behind win against the Saints last week while the Chargers suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of the Falcons. Although these teams enter this game coming from two emotionally different directions, I say the Chargers get back on course.

Garr: SD 18 KC 12 – San Diego looked like the San Diego we’re all used to seeing last week against Atlanta. I like the Chiefs so much more, but I think Rivers and co. will squeak by.

Giants at Eagles

Danny: PHI 34 NYG 20 – I’d argue this is the most important game of the week, and although it’s early it will define Philadelphia’s season. I think it will go well for Mike Vick.

Wes: NYG 31 PHI 24 – Even without their starting running back and a starting receiver, the Giants drubbed the Panthers last Thursday. New York is loaded offensively and is a very potent team. Philly has a solid defense, but Michael Vick will find himself with multiple turnovers to cost his team a second consecutive game.

Garr: NYG 30 PHI 20 – Andy Reid still believes in Michael Vick, which means I still believe the Eagles stink.

Bears at Cowboys

Danny: DAL 27 CHI 10 – Chicago has not looked good without Matt Forte, even if he goes on Monday Night, I see Cutler collapsing. Check out this tumblr if you haven’t seen it yet.

Wes: DAL 24 CHI 20- This is a tricky game to pick. Since the Cowboys won last week, I should probably pick them to lose this week. However, they will have their home crowd cheering them on while their defense has a field day against Jay Cutler and the Bears’ passing game.

Garr: CHI 21 DAL 20 – What’s worse: Watching last week’s MNF game, or watching Cutler and Romo battle for the “Why is this guy our starter again?” award?

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