Campus Celeb: T.Swift vs. A.Gilks

This small town isn’t big enough for the two of them — literally.

That’s because extroverted junior Ashley Gilkerson has considerable aspirations of her own to pursue, and not as a country singer like her celeb look alike, Taylor Swift.

Gilkerson is a journalism student and Snowcats officer at OU, where she regularly is misidentified as Swift. She aspires to go to law school and become a lawyer because of her interest in the court system and politics.

“I interned at a courthouse this summer. It’s funny because people there always compared me to Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde,’” she declared.

However, her difference in ambition does not thwart people from often mistaking her as T-Swift.

Like Swift, Gilkerson grew up in a small town where “bring your tractor to school day” was one of the most anticipated days during high school. Strangely enough, both happen to share the same love of playing guitar. Unlike Swift, though, who moved to Nashville, Tenn. at the age of 14, Gilkerson has lived in a small town her entire life. From there, her Taylor Swift identity originated and expanded all the way to Athens.

The first time she was told she looked like Swift was in high school, right after Swift’s self-titled first album was released in 2006. At the time, she didn’t even know what the country star looked like. But since then, the maddening question “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Taylor Swift?” has been repeated excessively to Gilkerson, similar to the repetition in Swift’s most recent song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Gilkerson admitted that, at times, she gets annoyed with the unwanted attention.

“It happens all the time. If I’m in a group of 10 people, someone will say ‘Oh my God, you look like Taylor Swift!’ All of the other people will agree, but there’s always one a**hole who will say, ‘Taylor Swift is SO ugly!’”

Though the identity mishaps occur more often than she’d like, Gilkerson finds a scapegoat for both finding amusement and showing her amiable side in light of the misconceptions.

“I’ve signed autographs for little kids before. They’ve been like three or four and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I didn’t want to break their hearts,” she gushed.

Despite accusations of people saying she tries to look like Swift, Gilkerson won’t let people construe her identity. She doesn’t go out of her way to look like Swift or not look like Swift. “People say I try to look like her,” she laughed, “but I tell them that that’s just how my face looks.”

Though Gilkerson gets bored of the constant T-Swift comments, she also isn’t afraid to admit her obsession with Swift.

“I actually love her, but I feel awkward telling people that,” she admits.

Still, she manages to maintain her individuality, originality and sense of humor in spite of the exhausted Swift talk. And one day,  people might even confuse Swift for her.

Do you know of a campus celeb lookalike? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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