NFL Picks Week 5

Danny :    (39-23)     (11-3)

Wes:          (37-25)   (11-3)

Garr:          (31-31)   (12-2)

After struggling through the first three weeks, all three of our “experts” had an excellent week. After underdogs winning more often than not, the presumed NFL elite bounced back last week.

Is there a direct correlation to the return of the professional referees return? Tune into Arizona at St. Louis tonight and read on to find out.

Thursday Night Game

Familiar face, new place, the Jeff Fisher Era is off to a nice start in St. Louis. (Photo by the AP)

Danny: STL 23 ARI 20: Remember the greatest show on Turf? Remember the Marc Bulger years? Jeff Fisher is building something new in St. Louis, expect a rowdy Edward Jones Dome tonight trying to help the Rams beat the surprisingly unbeaten Cardinals.

Wes: ARI 24 STL 17- After a close call against the Dolphins last week, the Cardinals were able to remain undefeated. I say their record stays that way after this week as well.

Garr: STL 23 ARI 20 – Everyone, including me, is on the Cardinals bandwagon. This the game where it stops and everyone gets off.

Unanimous Picks

MIACINGreat matchup; this means Lauren Tannehill will be in Cincinnati this weekend. Road-trip anybody?” – Danny

Lauren Tannehill is the wife of Ryan Tannehill. (Photo by Roger K. Snider)

CLENYGThe Browns remain winless five games into the season… What a shocker.” – Wes

GBINDAfter a rough couple of weeks with referees and close games, this game will be a nice change of pace for the Packers.” – Garr

DENNEPeyton Manning is 2-8 in his career at Gillete Stadium and Tom Brady is coming off a 45-point, 2nd-half performance, you do the math.” – Danny

PHIPITI’m a little wary of this pick because the Steelers’ defense has looked extremely old and slow as of late, giving up yards at will to opposing offenses. However, Polamalu and Harrison are supposed to be back, which should bolster the defense enough to force Michael Vick into turnover-prone situations.” – Wes

BALKCThe Chiefs are first in rushing yards going into week 5, but I’m sure Ray Lewis will fix that quickly.” – Garr

SEACARIs Cam back? I’m not sure, all I know for sure is that Seattle is a completely different team away from CenturyLink Field.” – Danny

CHIJAC/JAXI’m more concerned with which abbreviation I should use for Jacksonville than how many points I should say they will score. I will give them one score; however, “0” for attendance rating.” – Garr

TENMINIt would have been interesting to see Locker and Ponder play against each other, after being drafted so close to each other in 2011. I like Ponder and the most underrated player in football, Percy Harvin, to have a nice showing.” – Danny

HOUNYJAfter losing arguably their best player on offense, Santonio Holmes, to injury, the Jets are down some severe star power with Darrelle Revis also out. This season appears lost for Gang Green. The time for Tebow is now.” – Wes

The Best of the Rest

Falcons at Redskins

Danny: WSH 20 ATL 17 – I checked the weather report for this game. 50 and rainy, wreaks of a grind it out kind of game. I like the Redskins rushing attack in this one.

Wes: ATL 31 WAS 23- It took a miracle game-winning drive for the Falcons to defeat the Panthers last week. Another opposing mobile quarterback waits in the wings in RG3, but much like last week, I think the Falcon defense can get the job done.

Garr: WSH 34 ATL 31 – The Falcons have a great offense, so they’ll put up points, but something tells me RG3 is going to have a good game too. P.S. sorry for the boring, lackluster blurb folks, but really, I had nothing else to say about this game.

Bills at 49ers 

Danny: SF 27 BUF 6 – Ryan Fitzpatrick has been an interception machine this season, that will continue against that vaunted 49ers defense.

Wes: SF 31 BUF 13- The 49ers’ defense completely shut down the Jets’ offense last week. The Bills’ offense isn’t that much better.

Garr: BUF 28 SF 21 – This is what the people in the editing industry like to call a “typo”. (Unless I get it right, of course)

Chargers at Saints 

Danny: NO 31 SD 28 – My rationale for picking the Saints every week has been, “ A Drew Brees led team can’t continue to be winless.” I’m sticking with that ideology again this week against his old team.

Wes: SD 28 NO 27- The Saints came extremely close to defeating the Packers last week, so they have a good shot at beating San Diego this week. However, I don’t see it happening. Another close game, but after week five, the Saints will shockingly have the same record as the Browns.

Garr: SD 28 NO 14 – I honestly think the Saints will win this. But I’ll pick the Chargers because if they do win this, then I’ll consider them a legitimate team.

2 thoughts on “NFL Picks Week 5

  1. I like the Rams tonight…they look just as good as any other team but they are under the radar.

    My sim likes the Cardinals, if you’re interested.

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