College Pick ‘Em Week 7

18 Louisville vs. Pittsburgh – Saturday, 11:00 a.m.
Seth: PITT 24, LVILLE 17 – Everyone’s rolling with my hometown team for the upset. Go Mike Shanahan!
Zak: PITT 24, LVILLE 18 – The Panthers were able to upend Virginia Tech earlier this season, and I think they still have what it takes to take down another ranked opponent. With no more Geno in the Big East, Tino will get the job done through the air, keeping the Pittsburgh offense balanced.
Kevin: PITT 20, LVILLE 17 – I’m feeling an upset in this one. I don’t think either team is anything special, however, Pittsburgh really opened my eyes in its victory against Virginia Tech. Tino Suneri has had a fairly decent season this year, I think he does enough to give the Panthers the victory.
15 Texas vs. 13 Oklahoma – Saturday, 12:00 p.m.
Seth: UT 35, OU 26 – Texas showed they can put up points at the same rate West Virginia does. They”ll need to score as much as possible to pull of the “upset” on the road.
Zak: UT 34, OU 31 – This Texas team is a lot better than what their ranking shows. The defense might break at times, but an offense that is averaging over 200 rushing yards and 260 passing yards can be argued to be the best in the nation. A tough 48-45 loss to the Mountaineers will have the Longhorns hungry at the chance to upset another higher-ranked opponent.
Kevin: OU 28, UT 20 – This pick is strictly based on the Oklahoma defense. Last week showed that Texas can struggle defensively, so I really like the Sooners’ chances at home.
1 Alabama vs. Missouri – Saturday, 3:30 p.m.
Seth: BAMA 25, MIZZOU 7 – Can we crown Alabama yet?
Zak: BAMA 38, MIZZOU 10 – The national title race is very thick this year, which just happens to be the year before the four-team playoff begins. Of course.
Kevin: BAMA 31 MIZZOU 3 – To call the Tigers debut season in SEC a disappointment might be a little generous. Alabama is clearly in a class of its own in this one, Missouri should be happy if they can find a way to keep this one within single digits.
5 West Virginia vs. Texas Tech – Saturday, 3:30 p.m.
Seth: WVU 57, TTU 20 – Can we just give the Heisman to Geno Smith already?
Zak: WVU 51, TTU 24 – Geno Smith has throw 24 touchdowns and zero picks this season, which aren’t even video game numbers. 81.4 percent completion? I don’t think someone with a controller could do that. The only goose egg that will matter, however, is the one in the loss column.
Kevin: WVU 52 TTU 38 – Another West Virginia game, another shootout. Shocking. Despite being on the road, the Mountaineers have proven in consecutive weeks that they know how to win in a shootout.
17 Stanford vs. 7 Notre Dame – Saturday, 3:30 p.m.
Seth: ND 17, STAN 7 – Notre Dame scores what Stanford is ranked and Stanford, well, scores what Notre Dame is ranked.
Zak: ND 23, STAN 17 – I don’t even think that Andrew Luck could beat this defense right now. I’m glad that Irish football is back.
Kevin: ND 14 STAN 10 – After knocking off USC, Stanford has looked questionable in consecutive weeks. Notre Dame will be at home looking to become bowl eligible. With the second ranked defense allowing just 7.8 points per game, I like the Irish in this one.
11 Southern California vs. Washington – Saturday, 7:00 p.m
Seth: UW 27, USC 23 – Washington gets another game at home to knock off a ranked team. Too bad USC won’t be in the NCG the first year they’re eligible to be.
Zak: USC 30, UW 20 – Lose against No. 3 LSU, win against No. 8 Stanford. Lose against No. 2 Oregon, win against No. 11 USC? I doubt that the Washington defense will prove me wrong on this pick.
Kevin: USC 24 WASH 20 – I expect this game to be very close. Washington showed flashes of brilliance when they defeated Stanford, however they’ve also looked ugly against Oregon and LSU. After playing three ranked opponents already, the Huskies aren’t going to be intimidated in this matchup.
3 South Carolina vs. 9 Louisiana State – Saturday, 8:00 p.m.
Seth: SCAR 27, LSU 21 – Fully on the Gamecocks bandwagon after what they did to Georgia last week.
Zak: SCAR 24, LSU 23 – How could you not be impressed with the way that South Carolina manhandled the Bulldogs last week. I was never a believer in a Honey Badger-less LSU, but the only reason I went with the Tigers over the Gators was that I’m not a believer in Florida either. I want to see a defensive bloodbath.
Kevin: LSU 17 SCAR 14 – Just another classic SEC defensive struggle. South Carolina looked very impressive against Georgia, but the nature of the SEC presents a new challenge every week. LSU at home is going to be pretty fired up after falling to Florida last weekend.
22 Texas A&M vs. 23 Louisiana Tech – Saturday, 9:00 p.m.
Seth: TAMU 31, LATECH 18 – Tech is averaging 53.2 points per game. A&M is only allowing 14.8 points on average. Win goes to the SEC.
Zak: TAMU 28, LATECH 24 – Redshirt freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel has done a great job in guiding the Aggies through their first year in the SEC. Despite an early-season loss against Florida, which looks better after each week, Texas A & M has looked great.
Kevin: TAMU 31 LATECH 17 – I’m not sure anybody would have envisioned this being a matchup of ranked teams back in the preseason. Louisiana Tech has been a great story this season, however Texas A&M is their first true test of the season. The defense of the Aggies will be just too overwhelming for the Bulldogs to overcome.

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