NFL picks: Week 7

Danny :    (55-35)     (6-8)

Wes:          (51-39)   (5-9)

Garr:          (44-46)   (5-9)

Russell Wilson leads the Seahawks into San Francisco for a division test vs. the 49ers. (Photo via Matt Kartozian)

This week’s NFL action kicks off with tonight’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Speakeasy’s experts are back again to give you the lowdown on what to expect from this and other week 7 matchups.

Unanimous Picks

SEA at SF- “I knew the Seahawks would be a decent team this season, but I never thought they would have the same record as the 49ers at any point during the season. Both teams are 4-2, but I think the 49ers take over the division lead after this weekend is over.”- Wes

GB at STL– “Aaron Rodgers threw up six touchdowns against Houston’s defense, so I have no problem thinking he won’t do the same thing against St. Louis.”- Garr

ARI at MIN- “Arizona is falling apart. They have a horrible offensive line, no running game and they will be starting their backup quarterback. That unbeaten record seems like so long ago.”- Wes

WAS at NYG- “RGIII might have a good game, but after the beating New York put on San Francisco last week, it won’t be enough to beat the G-Men.”- Garr

NO at TB– “Tampa Bay has disappointed me too many times over the last two years. C’mon guys, I pick you guys to be good, and maybe go to the playoffs, and this is what I get in return?! I’m done. Go Saints.”- Garr

BAL at HOU- “Although the Ravens may be getting back Terrell Suggs, they lost two cogs of their defense last week in Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb. The Texans’ defense is playing without Brian Cushing. Although Lewis and Cushing are their team’s respective emotional leaders on the defensive side of the ball, these teams’ offenses are good enough to pick up the slack of their banged-up defenses. This game should be close, but I have to go with the home team.”- Wes

JAC at OAK- “It’s a testament to how bad the Jags are that the Raiders are a unanimous pick here. Expect both Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew to both kick start their struggling seasons this week.”- Danny

NYJ at NE- “Usually by this point in the season, the Patriots are on the verge of clinching their division. Their offense has been just as good and there defense has been even better, so what’s the problem? The Patriots aren’t closing teams out like they used to, they get it done convincingly on Sunday.”- Danny

The Best of the Rest

Titans at Bills

Danny: BUF 20 TEN  9 – Three good things happened for the Bills last week vs. Arizona. The first, the defense, most importantly Mario Williams got going. Second, C.J. Spiller returned to the form he was in before his injury. Third, the Bills got the victory. I expect all three to continue.

Wes: TEN 21 BUF 13- The Titans impressed me with their Thursday-night win over the Steelers last week. Also, I think it’s a safer bet to pick the Bills to lose than to win even though the team is 3-3 right now.

Garr: BUF 34 TEN 27 – Hey, the Bills are tied for first. They’re also tied for last, but they’re tied for first!

Browns at Colts

Danny: CLE 30 IND 24 – With how much I pick the Browns you would swear I was a desperate Cleveland fan. I’m not. I do like Brandon Weeden’s newfound deep threat Josh Gordon and the expansion of Trent Richardson’s role, however. This is a team in transition with a new regime coming in next season, they are playing for their jobs. I think their hunger will be a little stronger than Indy’s emotional hunger to play for Chuck Pagano.

Wes: IND 24 CLE 20- Yes, the Browns looked good in their winning effort against the Wes: Bengals last week in part two of the Battle of Ohio. However, I don’t think a winning streak is in the cards. The Colts are back home after a tough defeat in New York and should pull out a close victory.

Garr: CLE 20 IND 10 – I don’t know why, but I think Cleveland might be on a roll right now after that impressive win over Cincinnati. Actually, I don’t know why I’m picking them.

Cowboys at Panthers

Danny: DAL 38 CAR 28 – I expect a shootout in this one, but I have an odd feeling the build-up to week 8 will be one of those, “oh my God! Let’s talk about how good Tony Romo is so he can let us down the following week” games.

Wes: DAL 30 CAR 20- The Cowboys were very competitive against the Ravens last week. Meanwhile, Carolina hasn’t looked very competitive all season save for their narrow defeat to the undefeated Falcons. I’m going with the team that has looked more competitive more often.

Garr: CAR 21 DAL 17 – Are the Panthers really 1-4? I’ve heard of sophomore slump, but c’mon Cam!

Steelers at Bengals

Danny: CIN 27 PIT 24- If I didn’t pick against the Steelers we would have unanimous picks every week. I’ll take the Bengals at home in this one because honestly who is going to cover A.J. Green?

Wes: PIT 27 CIN 24- This pick is based more on hopes than gut feelings. The Steelers have played deplorably on the road this season, and this game is in Cincinnati. I am expecting a loss, but would be ecstatic if my Steelers could pull out a win to try and get back in contention.

Garr: PIT 19 CIN 16 – This game is a must win for both teams, who seem to be closer to Baltimore in the standings now that Ray Lewis is out for the season. It’s these kinds of games that Big Ben knows how to win, and Andy Dalton doesn’t.

Lions at Bears

Danny: CHI 31 DET 17- Odds tell me there is no way both Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman can both score defensive touchdowns for the third game in a row. With that said, the Bears had two weeks to prepare for this one, so Jay Cutler SHOULD be in-sync with his offense.

Wes: CHI 30 DET 17- While the Packers look as if they may be back on track, the Bears still look as if they are the team to beat in the NFC North. The Lions, who were so good last year, look like they may be the bottom-feeders of the division this year.

Garr: DET 20 CHI 19 – In a rematch of last year’s Monday night game, the Lions offense will clash with the Bears better defense. Although the Lions defense isn’t great, having safety Louis Delmas back definitely helps and it showed last week against the Eagles. Motown gets the edge.

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