13 spooky songs for a creeptastic HallOUween party

Consider “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” an honorary member of this list. Photo from The New York Times.

Uh-oh, Athens, it’s that weekend again. One can safely assume that in the frenzy of costume construction, a few revellers forgot to ready a suitable party playlist for this frightful time of year.

Well have no fear (or rather, LOTS of fear). Here are are a few selections that suit a wide-range of HallOUween shindigs.

Waka Flocka Flame – “Murda” (White Ring 2k12 remix)
It is a known fact that listening to Waka is one of the best ways to amp the buck-wild levels at any party. This witchy remix by spooky duo White Ring ratchets the creepy energy to levels previously thought unreachable by trap scientists.

Goldfrapp – “Lovely Head” (Staré Město mix)
The usually pop sounding Goldfrapp have been known to explore darker vibes. This mix was inspired by “Old Town,” a medieval settlement in Prague. So yeah, it sounds pretty good at a Halloween party.

The Ramones – “Pet Semetary”
“Pet Semetary” is a classic Halloween rocker with a thoroughly campy video. The random punker who dresses up like zombie Joey Ramone will be pleased to hear this at any party he stumbles into.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “Nightmare on my Street”
Any Halloween party host who does not play this song is never allowed to throw another party ever again. Mr. Will Smith blessed the world with this campy Halloween treat, be sure to give it a spin.

Silver Strain – “Transmission 333”
Almost any song by Silver Strain would fit right in at the creepiest of throwdowns, but this one stands out, emulating that classic horror movie soundtrack feel.

My Chemical Romance – “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”
An early My Chem hit, “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” tells a tale that is as emo as “Twilight,” but twice as good and a lot shorter.

A Tribe Called DEATH – “Horus” ft. Blam Lord
Despite the fact that the track starts with a chant of “September” over and over, “Horus” is one of the most appropriate rap songs for this time of year. The beat is gleefully driving and engaging. Plus with a rap group name like that, it’s gotta be spooky.

Alice Cooper – “Feed My Frankenstein”
“Wayne’s World” exposed a wide audience to Alice Cooper’s grandiose concert theatrics by showing his performance of this song. A giant skeleton is reason enough to watch the footage, and the lyrics are the pinnacle of campy Halloween seduction.

Dead Fe†us – “dr. doctor”
This song is tagged with the genre “dethpop.” That about covers it. Bitcrushed and moderately industrial, the hyper “dr. doctor” will have partygoers constantly looking over their shoulders in anxiety.

Type O Negative – “Black No 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)”
Type O Negative is the distilled essence of Halloween. If this song makes an appearance, expect the weird levels to rocket off the charts.

Drake – “I’m On One” (Shlohmo remix)
So, someone requested Drake at a Halloween party. Certain houses may just throw that unfortunate person out immediately upon such a request, but there is a solution. The unwary Drake fans will forevermore be careful what they wish for after hearing this uncomfortably slowed down mix.

Big D and the Kids Table – “Salem Girls”
When ska tries to sound spooky, the inherent bouncy nature of the genre gets in the way a bit. Big D manages to bring some creepiness to the table with this song from a seasonal EP of the same name. The tale of a witch on trial may not be easy to follow in a party setting, but the screams interspersed throughout will serve the mood well.

Basketball Camp – “Rivieri Stomp”
Surprisingly, vocal samples from an amusing youtube video make for great witchhouse accents. This ambient track provides a good backdrop for a walk down a creepy alley.


What if there’s no time to micromanage the playlist? For those who don’t want the DJ responsibility, here are a few longer ghoulish mixes.

Curtis Vodka – “Zombie Halloween Doom Box”
Mix master Curtis Vodka aka DJ Super Caligula compiled a huge list of rock and punk classics for this collection. From The Stones to The Zombies, this mix has “party” written all over it.

Textbeak, Theway Peoplestare and Blam Lord – “Grim Harvest: A Halloween Mix”
This mix is so long, there’s actually a shorter mix inside of it. Clocking at a full two hours of music from some of today’s best underground producers, “Grim Harvest” is like a creepy party in a can. All a host has to do is press play and sit back. Unless partygoers start complaining, but there should probably be a dungeon around somewhere to lock them in.

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