NFL Picks Week 8

Tom Brady and the Patriots invade England this week. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The NFL goes to London this week, with the Rams “hosting” the Patriots. Our “experts” will do their best to have a bloody good week of picking games. After a perfect week, Wes is right on Danny’s heels. Danny has been leading after every week so far this season.

Danny :    (65-38)     (10-3)

Wes:          (64-39)   (13-0)

Garr:          (53-50)   (9-4)

Jets at Dolphins

Danny: MIA 17 NYJ 6 – The Jets appear to have some semblance of momentum, so I’ll pick against them.

Wes: NYJ 28 MIA 23- The Jets were playing extremely well against the Patriots last week until Stephen Hill dropped a pass and Mark Sanchez fumbled after being sacked in overtime. The Patriots’ narrow margin of victory in that game makes me more confident that the Jets aren’t all that bad and that New York will come away with a victory this week.

Garr: NYJ 24 MIA 21 – This was more of a coin-flip type of pick. The Jets have a terrible quarterback situation, and the Dolphins, are well, the Dolphins.

Falcons at Eagles

Danny: ATL 35 PHI 22 – Undefeated and coming off a bye against Michael Vick and Andy Reid? I like this pick.

Wes: ATL 30 PHI 24- I heard on the radio this morning that Andy Reid is undefeated in games after the bye week. All streaks have to come to end. This one ends at the hands of the undefeated Falcons.

Garr: PHI 31 ATL 20 – It’s Andy Reid’s second Christmas, his Super Bowl, his best week. The man doesn’t lose after an Eagles Bye Week.

Colts at Titans

Danny:  IND 20 TEN 17- I have this soft-spot for Matt Hasselbeck and this tendency to believe Chris Johnson is still good but I like Andrew Luck on the road here.

Wes: TEN 28 IND 20- Chris Johnson reverted to form last week in Tennessee’s last-minute win over Buffalo. The Titans rewarded my picking of them last week, so I’m going with them again this week.

Garr: TEN 17 IND 14 – Chris Johnson has found his old running ways, and the Colts haven’t won on the road all year.

Saints at Broncos

Danny: NO 38 DEN 35 – I think you’re going to see one of the greatest quarterback showdowns in history on SNF this week, both guys (Brees and Manning) are red hot.

Wes: DEN 30 NO 27- The Denver Mannings are a hot team right now thanks to their 35 unanswered points in the second half against San Diego two weeks ago when they were trailing by 24 at halftime. The Saints are looking better after getting off to a horrible start, but I’m going with the team with more momentum.

Garr: DEN 24 NO 20 – First meeting between Peyton Manning and Drew Brees since they met in the Super Bowl, and it should be a good matchup like last time. I give the advantage to Manning though because he’s better in commercials. Not to say Brees is bad, but his Pepsi commercial with One Direction got in F in my book.

Unanimous Picks

MIN over TB: “Minnesota looked bad in a win last week, while Tampa Bay looked good in a loss. I’m essentially only picking Minnesota here because of what should be an electric atmosphere in Minnesota on TNF.” – Danny

CHI over CAR: “The Bears’ defense has looked stellar so far this season and Jay Cutler may have gained some credibility after playing through an injury last week. Meanwhile, Cam Newton looks deflated.” – Wes

OAK over KC: “The Chiefs are putting their faith in Brady Quinn, which obviously means I’m putting my faith in Oakland’s defense.” – Garr

SD over CLE: “It’s always a safe bet to pick against the Browns. The Chargers may be down, but should rebound this week.” – Wes

NE over STL: “I like New England to win in England, over the home team, St. Louis. Got that?” -Danny

NYG over DAL: “The Giants are 3-0 in the Cowboys new stadium and the way they’re playing, it will be 4-0 by the end of the weekend.” -Garr

PIT over WAS: “Just like last week, I could envision Pittsburgh coming out on the losing end of this one, but the Steelers’ woes have mainly been on the road this season and this game is being played in Heinz Field. The Steelers regained some momentum with their win last week and a win this week would maintain an undefeated home record as well as keep them alive in the AFC playoff picture.” – Wes

GB over JAC: “Maurice Jones-Drew is inactive but so are the Packers two best receivers. Fortunately for the Packers Aaron Rodgers could make me a pro bowler. Blaine Gabbert meanwhile would be better off being a bowler.” -Danny

DET over SEA – “You know, it’s times like these I really thank the Tigers for still playing. However, I’m still keeping the faith on the football field.” – Garr

SF over ARI- “The Cardinals are on a huge slide. That undefeated record and division lead seem like so long ago that it was an aberration. The NFC West is still the Niners’ to lose.” – Wes

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