NFL Picks: Week 9

Danny :    (76-41)     (11-3)

Wes:          (74-43)   (10-4)

Garr:          (62-55)   (9-5)

Is Norv Turner coaching for his job on Thursday night? (Photo via Getty Images)

TNF: Chiefs at Chargers

Danny: SD 23 KC 16 – If the Chargers lose this game, Norv Turner is gone by the morning.

Wes: SD 23 KC 13- Yes, I know the Chargers lost to the lowly Browns last week in a game where they weren’t able to get in the end zone, but the Chiefs are going nowhere fast. Matt Cassel isn’t any good and the concussed Brady Quinn is even worse. They need a capable quarterback before they can start winning games.

Garr: KC 9 SD 7 – In a world, where the Chiefs actually lead during regulation… Who am I kidding? That won’t happen. But, as we found out last week, the Chargers stink. Chiefs win on a final field goal.

Steelers at Giants

Danny: NYG 31 PIT 28- I think the Steelers are finally pulling it together, but I like the Giants at home. Besides, Wes is finally picking against the Steelers so that has to count for something.

Wes: NYG 30 PIT 21- The Steelers were extremely impressive last week in shutting down RG3 and the Redskins’ ground game. However, the Giants’ offense is much better than what Washington has, especially in the passing game. The Steelers will keep it close, but, as usual, Eli Manning will come through in the clutch to get his team the victory.

Garr: PIT 34 NYG 20 – I think Ben will go nuts this game. I’m thinking four touchdowns, 300+ yards. The Giants were able to escape a comeback from Dallas, but looked shaky at times during that game. The Steelers on the other hand are looking for three straight wins. Black and Gold gets the edge.

 Ravens at Browns

Danny: CLE 27 BAL 20 – Cleveland is riding a two game winning streak, while the Ravens defense is suddenly missing Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata. Additionally, Ed Reed has a torn labrum in his shoulder and Joe Flacco has been garbage. I’ll take the Browns here.

Wes: BAL 27 CLE 17- The Baltimore defense has become atrocious, but it’s still not atrocious enough to lack the ability to slow down an offense such as the Browns’. The Ravens should play well coming out of a bye week.

Garr: BAL 21 CLE 13 – This could be closer than people think. The Browns pulled off a nice, low-scoring victory over the Chargers, and maybe they can carry that momentum into this divisional game.

Broncos at Bengals 

Danny: DEN 38 CIN 21- No active running back has more 100 yard games than Willis McGahee. I bet you were expecting a Peyton Manning love fest, sorry to disappoint.

Wes: DEN 34 CIN 23- Now that the most difficult part of the Broncos’ schedule is over, they should be able to cruise to a division title and a playoff berth.

Garr: CIN 24 DEN 21 – Hopefully the bye week gave the Bengals time to regroup and put an end to their three game skid. Maybe a new month will help, because October didn’t do the city of Cincinnati any favors: The Bengals went 0-3 in October, Bearcats football went 2-2 in October, and the Reds blew a 2-0 lead in the first round of the playoffs to the Giants, losing all three games at home. Ouch.

Cardinals at Packers

Danny: GB 34 ARI 14- Wait, why isn’t this a unanimous game?

Wes: GB 34 ARI 13- The Arizona offense has fallen on hard times as exemplified in their most recent game against the 49ers when they scored just three points. I’m not saying the Packers’ D is anywhere near as talented as the 49ers’ D, but it’s more than able to hold the Cardinals to 13 points in what should be a blowout.

Garr: ARI 14 GB 7 – I don’t know, something about starting 4-0, then losing four straight is appealing to me.

Dolphins at Colts

Danny: IND 20 MIA 17 – I get that Miami is coming off a great game and is riding a 3 game winning streak, but Ryan Tannehill’s banged up and can you really justify an injured Tannehill over a healthy Andrew Luck?

Wes: MIA 24 IND 21- The Dolphins’ 30-9 win over the Jets last weekend really impressed me. I know the Jets really aren’t that good, but the win was impressive nonetheless because the Dolphins weren’t supposed to be that great entering the season. Both the Dolphins and the Colts are doing surprisingly well this season, and the winner of this game could be propelled to the playoffs. The Colts will be playing at home, where they are 3-1 this season, but I like the visitors winning with the better defense.

Garr: IND 21 MIA 20 – Peter King tweeted: If the playoffs started today, Ryan Tannehill would face Peyton Manning in the first round, and Andrew Luck would take on Tom Brady. Scary to think both of these teams, are not only 4-3, but are right in the middle of the playoff mix.

Panthers at Redskins

Danny: WAS 38 CAR 30- I’ll take Freshman explosion over Sophomore slump, but both should have great games against anemic defenses.

Wes: WAS 27 CAR 20- Cam Newton and the Panthers just can’t seem to get it together. Panthers’ head coach Ron Rivera may not last much longer.

Garr: CAR 24 WSH 17 – I don’t know, something about starting 1-1 then losing five straight is appealing to me.

MNF: Eagles at Saints

Danny: PHI 45 NO 24 – I don’t think the NFL is ready for the end of “The Michael Vick Experience.”

Wes: NO 31 PHI 24- Both of these teams are on downward spirals. The story will be the maligned Philly offense going up against the atrocious Saint defense. I’m counting on the Saints’ defense to come up with a stop or two, along with a couple turnovers, to put the ball back in the hands of Drew Brees to put more points on the board. With neither team having a great defense, it will come down to which team can outscore the other. I’ll put my money on the Saints. Let the Michael Vick drama continue.

Garr: NO 35 PHI 10 – Vick throws five picks, fumbles once, and reassures Andy Reid, even more than he already has, that he is should be the starting quarterback and is worth every dollar of that ridiculous contract.


Unanimous Picks

CHI over TEN :”After their big, last-minute victory against the Bills, I thought the Titans might be at the beginning of a string of success. As a result, I picked them last week to win over the Colts. Alas, Tennessee lost, and my confidence in them has gone down the tubes.” – Wes

ATL over DAL-: “The Cowboys gave up 23 consecutive points to the Giants last week and then proceeded to score 24 unanswered points of their own. What a great summation of their roller-coaster season. Dallas has been much too inconsistent for me to pick them very much this season. Meanwhile, the Falcons have been just about as consistent as you can get. The only undefeated team in the NFL remains that way after a Sunday-night victory.” – Wes

HOU over BUF – “This game marks Mario Williams first game vs. his old team but that won’t be the story. Ben Tate is injured this week, I believe Arian Foster has a legitimate shot at an NFL rushing record in this game. Buffalo’s run defense is one of the worst you’ll ever see.” – Danny

DET over JAC – “This cupcake of a matchup will not only bring the Lions back to .500, but it will ease the pain of the ugly World Series loss earlier this week.” – Garr

TB over OAK – “This matchup was a lot more interesting back in 2002 when they met in the Super Bowl. Also, I have to believe Warren Sapp will tweet any where from 900-1200 times during this game alone.” – Garr

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