NFL Picks: Thanksgiving Edition

Danny :    (104-52)     (11-2)

Wes:          (103-53)   (11-2)

Garr:          (88-68)   (8-5)

(Photo via unsure, don’t sue me please)

Thanksgiving is not just a day to celebrate the little things in life with your friends and family, it’s yet another day of spending your life in front of a television watching some NFL action. Wes once again comes into the action just one game back of Danny, is this the week Danny finally surrenders the lead he has had the entire season? We’ll see.

Texans at Lions

Danny: DET 31 HOU 24 – Houston looked terrible last week, both Arian Foster and the defense the bread and butter of this team couldn’t get on track. The Lions meanwhile played the Packers close. I like the Lions in a Thanksgiving upset.

Wes: HOU 30 DET 21- The Lions are in desperate need of a win and the Texans looked vulnerable in their overtime victory over the lowly Jags last week. However, I just don’t see the Lions overcoming a very talented Texans squad.

Garr: DET 28 HOU 21 – One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is being able to watch my Lions on national television. Unfortunately they haven’t won on turkey day since 2003. Still, although this is a mismatch, I have to cheer for Detroit. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be right if I didn’t.

Redskins at Cowboys

Danny: WAS 27 DAL 21 – RGIII played a near flawless game last week, while Tony Romo and company barely survived Cleveland. With the New York Giants appearing mortal and facing a daunting schedule to close the season, this is a must-win game for both teams if they want to be the challenger to the Super Bowl champs. I like Washington because I don’t trust Dallas to rise to the occasion. Jason Garrett better create an account on Monster, Mike Shanahan better be thankful for RGIII at dinner later that night.

Wes: DAL 27 WAS 24- I see this one being very close. The Cowboys are beginning to get on a roll, and RG3 was really impressive last weekend. As much as I like RG3, I’m giving the slight edge to the home team.

Garr: DAL 35 WSH 23 – Usually by the time Dallas plays I’m in a state of depression and or eating my sadness away in turkey and stuffing. Cowboy fans on the other hand should be happy about this game. A win and they’re tied with New York for first place. A loss however drops them to third.

Patriots at Jets

Danny: NE 27 NYJ 24 – The Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski indefinetly after he broke his forearm blocking on an extra point that extended the Patriots lead to 35. Gronkowski is the Patriots only threat to stretch the field and helps keep the attention off the other receivers. Additionally, Gronkowski is a great edge run blocker for the sixth rated rushing attack in the league. Factor in that Mark Sanchez is actually good when he plays the Patriots and the Jets are in a great position to steal this game. However, I haven’t picked against the Patriots before and I’m not starting now.

Wes: NE 31 NYJ 17- I’ve heard a lot of rumblings that the Jets actually have a chance of winning this game, but I just don’t see it happening. Even without Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots are still a very dominant team against inferior competition, like the Colts last week, and the Jets are another inferior team. I will not become a full believer in the Jets until they win consistently or start Tim Tebow. Mark Sanchez is just not that good, and Rex Ryan doesn’t realize it.

Garr: NE 38 NYJ 20 – This one’s simple: The Patriots are going and have been going in the right direction. The Jets have not.

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