NFL Picks Week 12

After our experts made their selections on Thanksgiving Day, they return to finish up their week 12 picks. This week, Danny looks to be in a position to either go way up on Wes or fall way behind. Garr meanwhile, attempts to change his luck by making his picks via iPhone.

Danny :    (106-53)     (11-2) (2-1)

Wes:          (105-54)   (11-2) (2-1)

Garr:          (89-70)   (8-5) (1-2)

Steelers at Browns

Charlie Batch is a MAC alum, so we like him here at Speakeasy. [Photo via]

Danny: CLE 15 PIT 9 – I know I pick Cleveland every week, but I have good reason to. The Browns have been in a position to win every game this season outside of maybe the Giants game which they were up 17-7 in the 2nd quarter. I wasn’t expecting Antonio Brown to play when I made this pick, but I’m sticking to it. Brandon Weeden and company have enough to get by Charlie Batch and the Steelers.

Wes: PIT 21 CLE 10- I think Charlie Batch should’ve gotten the start last week, and now he’s getting his chance. I know he’s getting up in years, but he’s the best backup Pittsburgh has due to their not drafting a good backup to Ben. If the Steelers were playing a more talented team, they would probably find themselves coming away with a loss, but since they’re playing Cleveland, I’m giving them the victory.

Garr: PIT 10 CLE 7 – It’ll be one of those grind-it-out kind of Browns games with third-string QB and ancient artifact Charlie Batch under center for Pittsburgh. Cleveland will hang around, but will find some way to lose this game in the end.

Vikings at Bears 

Danny: CHI 24 MIN 14 – Truthfully, I don’t know how the Vikings put up 34 points vs. the Lions sans Percy Harvin. I can’t expect a repeat performance, expect the Bears to put 8 in the box to stop Adrian Peterson and ride Matt Forte to victory.

Wes: CHI 28 MIN 20- Jay Cutler may be back for the Bears, which means his team will get a much-needed offensive boost. The Vikings’ defense shouldn’t pose near as many problems as the 49ers’ defense did for the Bears.

Garr: MIN 24 CHI 20 – There’s no reasoning behind this pick. Simply gut feeling.

Falcons at Buccaneers 

Danny: TB 34 ATL 20 – I still don’t really trust Josh Freeman on a week-to-week basis, but they have too many playmakers on offense to offset my fear of his shaky play. Additionally, Matt Ryan is coming off a game in which he threw five interceptions.

Wes: ATL 30 TB 24- I give the Bucs a great chance to win this game, but the Falcons have found ways to win close games throughout the season. I’m giving them yet another close victory this week.

Garr: TB 23 ATL 20 – While Atlanta still has the best record in the NFC, they haven’t looked as sharp as of late. The Bucs on the other hand are very hot and looking to stay in the playoff race.

Titans at Jaguars

Danny: JAC 38 TEN 31 – The Titans are the most inconsistent team in football. This is how their season has looked this year; blowout loss, blowout loss, 44-41 win over Detroit, blowout loss, blowout loss, 26-23 win over Pittsburgh, 35-34 win over Buffalo, loss, blowout loss, blowout win. What it boils down to is they are going to give up a lot of points and the offense may or may not show up. I expect the offense to show up, but not enough. Blame it on the Henne.

Wes: TEN 35 JAC 28- The Jags were mighty competitive against the Texans a couple weeks back, which means they have hope to win at least one more game this year. However, the Titans really impressed me against the Dolphins in their own game two weeks ago. I just think the Titans are a better team right now.

Garr: JAC 34 TEN 28 – Like every boy and girl, I’m asking Santa for a Chad Henne jersey for Christmas.

Ravens at Chargers

Danny: SD 31 BAL 14 -The Ravens have not impressed me this season, Wes below me disagrees. I understand that this is the Chargers, but I have a feeling they put it together for one game here. Start Danario Alexander in your fantasy leagues ladies and gentlemen.

Wes: BAL 35 SD 23- The Ravens are on a roll. The offense is clicking and the defense is playing better than expected without their star players. They looked pretty good against my Steelers last week, so the Chargers should be a relative breeze.

Garr: BAL 21 SD 7 – Fire Norv Turner.

49ers at Saints

After Alex Smith’s touchdown run last season vs. New Orleans in the playoffs, he rides the pine in the Super Dome. [Photo via Cary Edmondson/US Presswire]

Danny: SF 28 NO 24 – Alex Smith was the hero the last time these two teams played, feels wrong that Kaepernick is expected to get the start. I pick the Saints for karma reasons. Wait, you can’t pick the Saints and claim karma, Niners roll.

Wes: SF 34 NO 31- This game is in New Orleans, where the Saints have played fairly well this season, but I’m giving the edge to the 49ers because of their better defense.

Garr: NO 38 SF 21 – There’s no QB controversy in New Orleans, and at 5-5 the Saints are in the playoff hunt.

Rams at Cardinals

Danny: ARI 17 STL 14 – Hands down hardest game to pick this week. How do I analyze Ryan Lindley? How do I analyze the Cardinals picking off five passes last week and losing? How about the Rams out-playing the Niners and earning a tie, then drop an egg vs. the Jets? You can’t, your guess is as good as mine. I say Arizona wins on a Patrick Peterson return touchdown, that hasn’t happened in a while, he’s due.

Wes: STL 20 ARI 10- The Rams aren’t really that good, but the Cardinals’ carousel at the quarterback position makes them the even more dismal team. Ryan Lindley is no Sam Bradford.

Garr: ARI 24 STL 17 – Last time these teams met in early October, the Cards were 4-0 and the Rams were 3-2. Now it’s 4-6 against 3-6-1. I’m taking the upset, I guess.

Carolina at Philadelphia

Danny: PHI 31 CAR 20 – Oh I bet ESPN thought they had made quite the decision when they scheduled the Human-Highlight-Machine vs. Superman on MNF. Instead they get Bizzaro vs. Nick Foles and the imaginary offensive line. Don’t they have flex scheduling for this exact thing? Does ATL/TB not make perfect sense? I like Bryce Brown to bust out and become a Philly cult hero. I’ll probably regret this pick.

Wes: CAR 24 PHI 17- The Eagles are on a huge downward slide. Nick Foles is once again starting at quarterback behind a deplorable offensive line. The Panthers aren’t that good of a team, but I think they are better than Philly at the moment.

Garr: CAR 21 PHI 20 – No Shady means no win for the Eagles. Wait, Andy Reid never used him anyway.

Unanimous Picks

IND over BUF– “After getting trounced by the Patriots last week, the Colts get a relatively easy bounce-back game against an average Bills team. Indy needs a win this week to remain in playoff contention.” – Wes

DEN over KC – I’m not sure if there is a team in the league I’d take the Chiefs over in a given week. Two words… Brady Quinn. Two more words… Matt Cassel. An additional two words… Ricky Stanzi, but I digress.” – Danny

GB over NYG– The Packers are making their move to claim the NFC North crown while the Giants are doing all they can to lose the NFC East. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Giants, but I see them taking another loss this week.” – Wes

CIN over OAK – “Carson Palmer returns to the jungle. He and the Raiders are struggling, and Sunday won’t be any different. The Bengals fans will be in for a treat this weekend.” – Garr

SEA over MIA – “I never take the Seahawks on the road, but Miami looks every bit as bad as they did on Hard Knocks. Almost forgot they had Chad OchoJohnCincoson.” – Danny

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