NFL Picks Week 14

Danny :    (125-66)     (10-6)

Wes:          (125-66)   (10-6)

Garr:          (108-83)   (11-5)


Danny: BUF 27 STL 17 – Lately I haven’t been picking against Buffalo, and it’s worked for me. I’ll stick with that formula.

Wes: STL 24 BUF 13- The Rams have played some excellent football against the playoff-bound 49ers in recent weeks, so defeating the Bills should be a relative breeze. Right?

Garr: STL 21 BUF 7 – I mean if the Rams can beat the 49ers, then why can’t they beat the Bills?


Adrian Peterson is having a freakish season, even by his standards. (AP Photo)

Adrian Peterson is having a freakish season, even by his standards. (AP Photo)

Danny: MIN 27 CHI 17- Minnnesota LB Chad Greenway wants his fans extra drunk for this game, the Bobcat in me is rooting for the Vikings.

Wes: CHI 23 MIN 17- Even though the Bears will be without some of their defensive stars, the combination of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall should prove too much for the Vikings’ D. Adrian Peterson will probably have another big game, but he can’t do it alone.

Garr: MIN 24 CHI 21 – They’ve lost four of their last five but Adrian Peterson has kept them around in a lot of games lately. I picked them to beat the Bears two weeks ago and was wrong, but I’m willing to try again.


Danny: WAS 34 BAL 14 – I see a blowout in this one. Too much RG3, not enough healthy Ravens defender and the Ravens continue to not hand the ball to Ray Rice every play.

Wes: WAS 27 BAL 20- After seeing how poor Baltimore looked against the Charlie Batch-led Steelers and how good Washington looked against the Giants last week, logic told me to go with the ‘Skins.

Garr: BAL 27 WSH 21 – Battle for the Maryland area goes to the birds – but it’ll be close.


Danny: ATL 27 CAR 17- Seems like a possible trap game for Atlanta, but I can’t pick Carolina to win this game. I don’t have the gumption.

Wes: ATL 31 CAR 14- Since the Panthers were unable to beat the sorry Chiefs last week, there’s no way they are defeating one of the best teams in the NFL this week.

Garr: CAR 31 ATL 24 – Yeah I don’t know why I picked this either.


Danny: JAC 13 NYJ 6 – I started the Jaguars defense in the first round of my fantasy football playoffs this week. All you need to know.

Wes: NYJ 17 JAC 10- It’s never good when your starting quarterback gets benched in favor of Greg McElroy. I still would love to know if Tebow would have gotten a chance last week had he been healthy. It’s back to starter Mark Sanchez this week, so maybe the benching provided some motivation. A loss to the Jags would surely be the low point of the Jets’ season, but I don’t see it happening.

Garr: JAC 23 NYJ 17 – The Jets beat the Cardinals 7-6, which was somehow worse than actually losing to them in my opinion. Edge to the Jags, who have shown me they can at least hang around at times.


Danny: GB 30 DET 17 – With all the arrests, the challenged scoring play, the close losses and Suh’s dirty hits is Jim Schwartz job on the line?

Wes: GB 27 DET 20- The Lions have found a way to lose several games that they could have won this season. Their loss to the Colts last week was yet another example. Even if it takes a comeback, I see the Packers coming out on top this week.

Garr: DET 35 GB 31 – The Packers have won 20 straight home games against the Lions, but like I do every week, I just have to pick them. Obviously NBC is wishing they didn’t schedule this for Sunday Night Football.

Unanimous Picks

IND over TEN- “I can’t comment on this game until I give a shoutout to former Bobcat wide receiver LaVon Brazill, who caught his first NFL touchdown pass last week in the Colts’ game against the Lions. As for this week’s game, Indy should have no troubles with a fading Titans team. A playoff berth is becoming ever more likely for a Colts team that many thought would be a bottom-feeder this season.” -Wes

PIT over SD- “Ben is back! If Charlie Batch can beat the Ravens, Roethlisberger should have no issue with the struggling Chargers. That is, if he doesn’t suffer further injury.” – Wes

SEA over ARI- “The Cardinals lost a 7-6 game last week to a Jets team playing with Greg McElroy under center for part of the game. If that doesn’t succinctly describe Arizona’s woes, I don’t know what does. The Seahawks should win with relative ease.” – Wes

CIN over DAL: “The Bengals are hot right now, and they know they have to stay hot to keep up in the wild card race.”

TB over PHI: “Andy Reid announced Foles would be the starting quarterback even when Vick was healthy again, so there’s a plus.”

NYG over NO: “Yes, they’ve lost three of their last four but it’s December now, so get ready for the Giants to begin their road to the Super Bowl this week.”

CLE over KC: “The Browns will win the third game in a row. Mayans 2012.” -Danny

SF over MIA: “If the Niners lose this game, they have to go back to Alex Smith and if they do that, Harbaugh might possibly lose that locker room.

NE over HOU: “Patriots need Brandon Lloyd to have a big game with no Gronkowski and no Edelman, I’m skeptical, but I can’t pick against the Patriots at home.” – Danny

Thursday Night Football

Unanimous picks on Broncos over Raiders

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