NFL Picks Week 16

Wes:          (146-77)   (10-6)

Danny :    (143-80)     (8-8)

Garr:          (128-95)   (10-6)

Falcons at Lions

Calvin Johnson needs just 184 yards to break Jerry Rice's single season record for receiving yards.

Calvin Johnson needs just 181 yards to break Jerry Rice’s single season record for receiving yards.

Danny: ATL 34 DET 17 – I mean we’re only picking this game because Garr won’t pick against the Lions.

Wes: ATL 30 DET 17- I picked against Atlanta last week in their game against the Giants, and we all know how that turned out. There’s no way I’m picking against them this week.

Garr: DET 28 ATL 24 – There’s no way Detroit wins this. Actually that’s not true. They beat Seattle, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Jacksonville, so there’s a shot.

Bengals at Steelers

Danny: CIN 27 PIT 21 – No Ike Taylor in this one, meaning A.J. Green should go off.

Wes: PIT 24 CIN 20- I’m hoping this is the week my Steelers finally turn things around and get back to their winning ways. If they don’t win this game, their playoff hopes are toast.

Garr: PIT 21 CIN 17 – The Steelers, more specifically Big Ben, come up big in big games. Must win, home game, division rival? Yeah, the Steelers will come up big in this one.

Chargers at Jets

Danny: NYJ 13 SD 10 – In a battle of coaches that will be fired, I see one man with something to play for, Greg McElroy.

Wes: SD 17 NYJ 13- Shame on the Jets for passing over Tim Tebow for their new starting quarterback. After all, he was labeled as the backup to Mark Sanchez, right?

Garr: SD 13 NYJ 7 – I’d rather get a cavity filled than watch this game. I’d rather watch a Chiefs-Jaguars game than watch this game.

Rams at Buccaneers

Danny: TB 17 STL 13 – In a battle of inconsistent teams, I’ll take the home team.

Wes: TB 20 STL 17- The Rams play well indoors, but this game will be played outside. This one is a virtual toss-up, so I’m just going with gut instinct.

Garr: STL 28 TB 14 -The Rams still have a very small shot at the playoffs and the Bucs have disappointed once again.

Vikings at Texans

Danny: HOU 38 MIN 17- I think this is the most intriguing game on the schedule this week. I’m thinking blowout because of Ponder’s propensity to turnover the ball.

Wes: HOU 28 MIN 24- There’s little doubt in my mind that Adrian Peterson will set the rushing record by the end of the season, but I just don’t see his Vikings getting past Houston this weekend.

Garr: MIN 31 HOU 21 – I have a strong feeling Peterson will break Dickerson’s record. The Texans have looked shaky as of late and I think the Vikings will surprise them.

Bears at Cardinals 

Danny: ARI 23 CHI 14 – I liked Garr’s score so I copied that. The Bears are in free-fall.

Wes: CHI 23 ARI 10- The Cardinals pulled off the shocker last weekend with their defeat of the Lions. However, I think it just proved how bad the Lions are instead of how good Arizona is.

Garr: ARI 23 CHI 14 – The Bears, not “da” Bears, have lost five of six after starting 7-1. The Cardinals beat up on some garbage team last week and snapped their nine-game skid. They’ll keep the momentum going.

Giants at Ravens

Danny: NYG 30 BAL 7 – Must-win for the Giants, Ravens are the Bears of the AFC, this is game is the lock of the week.

Wes: BAL 27 NYG 20- The Giants looked absolutely awful in their 34-0 defeat to the Falcons last week. I know this is the time of year that they typically put on a good showing, but I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt.

Garr: NYG 28 BAL 21 – Which Giants team will show up this week?

 Unanimous Picks

NE 56 JAC 14 –  “56 is a lot, but I want to see how close I am on this one.” – Garr

GB 41 TEN 10 – “41 is a lot, but I want to see how close I am on this one too.” – Garr

MIA over BUF – “Might just watch Ace Ventura instead of this.” – Garr

IND over KC- “This should be yet another victory for the Colts in a magical season that will end in a playoff berth.” – Wes

NO over DAL- “The Cowboys played well in their victory over the Steelers last week, so, naturally, they’ll come tumbling back down to earth this week.”- Wes

DEN over CLE- “The Browns’ short win streak earlier this season was nice, but they’re beginning to find out that they’re just not that good after losses to the Redskins last week and now the Broncos this week.” – Wes

SEA over SF- “A unanimous on Seattle over San Francisco? Hell has frozen over.” – Danny

CAR over OAK – “Super Cam is back and better than ever. The Raiders are still the Raiders.” -Danny

WSH over PHI – “Washington controls their destiny, incredibly.” – Danny

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