NFL Picks: Divisional Round, Saturday Games

After Wes took home the regular season championship, Garr and Danny attempt to beat him in playoff selections.

Last week, Danny and Wes were perfect going 4-0. Garr on the other hand went 2-2, wrongly selecting Indianapolis to beat Baltimore and Cincinnati to defeat Houston.

Here are the picks for the Saturday games.

Ravens at Broncos

Will Saturday be the last time we see Ray Lewis take the field? (Evan Habeeb U.S. Presswire)

Will Saturday be the last time we see Ray Lewis take the field? (Evan Habeeb U.S. Presswire)

Danny: DEN 21 BAL 20 – Seven of the eleven times a Peyton Manning team has made the playoffs, his team has lost their first game. Manning has never been a cold-weather quarterback, just look to his 0-2 career playoff record in sub 32 degree weather, with temperatures figuring to be in the low 20’s, I’m not optimistic about a Broncos victory. I understand that Denver humiliated the Broncos in Baltimore just a few weeks ago, but Baltimore is healthier than before, are playoff tested and are playing for their leader, Ray Lewis. I can see this game going either way, I really want to see Brady v. Manning Part 14 , I think it happens, barely.

Wes: DEN 30 BAL 20- The Broncos blew out the Ravens by a score of 34-17 in Week 15 of the regular season, and I don’t see any reason why these two teams wouldn’t be in store for a similar result. The Broncos have a very efficient offense led by one of the best quarterbacks in the game to go along with an underrated defense. Meanwhile, I believe both the Ravens’ offense and defense are just average this season. The Ravens have had some road-game postseason success in recent years, but I have much more faith in Denver winning at home. The Baltimore defense will have to fold at some point, and I think this game will spell the end of Ray Lewis’ NFL career.

Garr: DEN 28 BAL 14 – Forget the fact that he’s led his team to eleven straight victories. Forget the fact that in ten of those eleven wins, his team has scored at least 26 points. Forget the fact that he’s won his last nine starts against Baltimore, including postseason games. And although he’s 9-10 all-time in the playoffs, you should forget about Peyton Manning losing this game to the Ravens. I know it’s Ray Lewis and the Baltimore D. But it’s Peyton Manning.

Packers at 49ers

Danny: GB 31 SF 21 – Remember that time San Francisco selected Alex Smith over Northern Californian boy Aaron Rodgers? Then of course the latter slipped all the way to No. 24 in the draft and later become the MVP of the NFL just as Smith was finally coming into his own. I think this game is going to end up being sweet for Smith who beat Rodgers earlier this season. Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers drop this one at home, everyone will be questioning Harbaugh after this one. It’s going to be a tough Saturday for the Harbaugh family.

Wes: GB 27 SF 24- In the first week of the 2012 NFL season, these two teams played in a game that resulted in a 30-22 49er victory, but that was a long time ago. San Francisco has since made a change at quarterback, and Green Bay has seemed to have gotten on a little more of a roll. Including their win over the Vikings last week, the Packers have won five of their last six games. With this being Colin Kaepernick’s first-ever postseason start, I’m giving the nod to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Yes, Kaepernick will undoubtedly make some flashy plays during the course of this contest, but I think the more polished and experienced quarterback will end up with the victory.

Garr: SF 27 GB 21 – These two teams met in the very first week, only it was Alex Smith who led the Niners with two touchdowns, not Colin Kaepernick. If Kaepernick can play the way he did against teams like New England, I think the Niners have a shot. The defense has to step up too and make sure Rodgers doesn’t get on a roll. At the end of the day, it’ll be close, but I like the 49ers to go back to the NFC Championship for the second straight year.

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