SpeakeasyENT: Our favorite Superbowl ads

Photo from International Business Times.

Photo from International Business Times.

We may not be die-hard sports fans over here at the ENT section, but we do watch a heck of a lot of TV. So we know a good commercial when we see one, and the best of the best always air during the Super Bowl.

Though the Super Bowl is always one of the most-watched events of the year, plenty of people watching are only tuning in for the advertisements, and we’re definitely among them. We may seem like a nation divided (some people like football, some people like One Direction), deep down, we all love the same things: Beer, Doritos and America.

Luckily, advertising companies know this all too well, consistently churning out humorous and heartwarming commercials that appeal to the brewski-loving, orange dust-coated patriot in us all. Enjoy watching our favorite Super Bowl advertisements. We’ll be over here, crying over baby clydesdales.

Clint Eastwood for Chrysler | Nikki Lanka

I don’t think I officially cast aside the final shreds of my dignity until it dawned on me that I was crying in the middle of a Super Bowl commercial. It was the 2012 Chrysler commercial starring Clint Eastwood as America, where his sandpaper voice growls over images of automobiles and sunrises on city landscapes that “It’s halftime, America.”

I watched it for the first time on YouTube because I don’t sports and the Super Bowl isn’t my thing. I’m not entirely sure why I started crying? I’m not one to get emotional over movies or whatever (unless it’s “Armageddon,” ugh), but I don’t know. Even though I sometimes think Americans are idiots I really love America.

I was in an emotional state or something. I don’t know. I’m a loser. I don’t know.

The message, the perfectly crafted script, the images of working class Americans supporting themselves and their dreams and their families, yadda yadda, it’s great. But I mainly love this commercial because it shoved Eastwood into the national spotlight in 2012. We were then granted the great pleasure of bearing witness to the frazzled remains of his sanity as they unraveled through his mouth and into an empty chair, which he charmingly addressed as the President of the United States. And that, I believe is what America is truly all about.

Free Doritos | Meghan Malone

I find the 2009 Super Bowl “Free Doritos” ad as amusing as an infomercial at 3 a.m. when I’m drunk with fatigue (and maybe a little something else). Low-budget, poorly acted, with a ridiculously simple concept, “Free Doritos” is comedic gold.

Created by advertising amateurs Dave and Joe Herbert, “Free Doritos” caught me off guard with its ingenuity and absolute stupidity. The wide-eyed man with the crystal ball is disturbingly enthusiastic about what is obviously a snow globe, and the actor’s demeanor is either way too exaggerated or he’s performing his best impression of delusional. The man’s one wish from the “crystal ball?” Free Doritos from the vending machine, of course. He reels his arm back, crystal ball in hand, and then – WHAM. Wish fulfilled. The element of surprise at its finest.

My reaction: instant death from laughter. I can only envision the conversation of the Herbert brothers while coming up with this commercial – I imagine the word “dude” was used a lot. “Free Doritos” is straightforward and absurd, but it works. It’s unashamed of how basic it is, which, sadly enough, gives me an odd sort of comfort in how my life is run. So thanks, Dave and Joe, (and Doritos, I suppose) for 31 seconds of silliness and the willingness to be intelligently stupid. I, Meghan Malone, salute you.

The Magic Fridge | Jayme Pollock

It’s no surprise that beer commercials are at their funniest during the Super Bowl. In 2006, Bud Light was one of many beer companies to buy a coveted game-day time slot, but “The Magic Fridge” will remain my favorite. In a nutshell, a guy thinks he’s found the perfect solution to hiding his large stash of beer from his thirsty friends. Needless to say, it’s not quite as thought out as he’d have you believe. The commercial plays into the male psyche quite well and I think both genders appreciate the hilarity of this ad. I know when I saw it during the game I was in stitches for a few minutes after the fact. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but I urge you to watch what I think is arguably one of Bud Light’s best Super Bowl commercials – if not one of the greatest commercials of all time.

Dead Cat Bribe | Ross Dickerhoof

We all know that cats are evil, malicious creatures who are plotting to take over the world. Why do you think so many villains have cats to stroke while they discuss their evil plans? On the other hand, everyone seems to turn a blind eye to the villainy of dogs. We’re too distracted by their sweetness to even think that they’d do something horrible, but this 2012 Doritos commercial really gets it.

Really, this dog is a genius. If you’re gonna bribe someone, it had better be good, and a lifetime supply of Doritos in exchange for covering up the “suspicious” death of a cat seems pretty reasonable to me. I’ve only got one gripe with this commercial: Nacho Cheese flavor instead of Cool Ranch? I’d cover up the deaths of twelve cats for some Cool Ranch. Meh, maybe that’s just a matter of taste.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos? Leave us a comment or tweet us at @SpeakeasyMag and let us know what you think!

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