Winter trends hit Ohio University

–Additional reporting by Cassandra Fait

Winter in Athens tends to be cold and dreary, but the weather is not an excuse to throw style out the window. There are ways to stay warm and toasty while looking fashionably pulled together. These four winter trends – the pea coat, lace-up boots, infinity scarves and retro sweaters – are only a few trends that will do the trick this season.

Men’s Pea Coat


Student name: Ryan Gabos

Year: Sophomore

Major: Video Production

Defined Style: Band t-shirt and jeans

Favorite Fashion Trend: Scarves

Runway Look: Marc Jacobs: Men’s Fall/Winter 2012

This season men are tending toward a sleek cozy look with pea coats. Anyone could pass for Gene Kelly in this stylish and trendy outerwear. Along with being in season, the staple can be paired with jeans or worn formally with dress pants. Pea coats are not restricted to the classic navy blue, double-breasted style. Bright red or green pea coats also pair well with neutral pants. For a more casual look, the shorter lengths go well over denim pants and boots while the longer lengths dress up a similar outfit. Many runway designers are incorporating the look into their fall/winter collections. Marc Jacobs’ newer men’s designs fulfill a more fitted, classy look. Find similar looks in Athens at vintage shops, or for a more high-end look, check out Nordstrom at Easton Mall. To battle the winter winds while making a statement, simply slip on a pea coat!

Women’s Lace-up Boots


Student name: Caitlyn McDaniel

Year: Sophomore

Major: War and Peace Global Studies; Women and Genders Certificate

Defined Style: Hippie and Indie

Favorite Fashion Trend: Undercuts

Runway Look: Burberry Prorsum: Fall/Winter 2012

Boots aren’t only made for walking – they also function as fashion statements, turning heads on and off the runway. Lace-up boots such as these Burberry Prorsum ones are perfect for the cold winter months. Whether paired with casual jeans and a tee or with tights and a sweater dress, lace-up boots are a cute way to keep toes feeling toasty warm. Lace-up boots this season come in different shapes and colors. To play up the legs in a club-worthy miniskirt, try a pair of black lace-up ankle boots with a heel. When opting for a day-time look, flat-soled, brown boots are comfortable and casual. Seek out these high-demand boots at Athens Underground and The Other Place located on Court Street. When the sidewalks are icy and curling up in bed isn’t an option, ditch the furry boots and slide on a pair of lace-up boots to be on par with the latest trends.

Infinity Scarves


Student name: Shannon Ferralli

Year: Junior

Major: Communications

Defined Style: Unique

Favorite Fashion Trend: Tucking shirts in with a belt

Runway Look: Mara Hoffman: Fall/Winter 2012

Scarves add flare to any outfit. They arrive in stores with the season’s trendiest patterns and color schemes. However, scarves rarely make the trend list themselves. But they do now. The bulky infinity scarf simply makes a statement on its own. The simplicity of the layered fabric creates a billowing effect that will add class to the everyday t-shirt. Not only trendy for everyday wear, the infinity scarf also pairs well with a winter coat. Now is the opportunity to embrace the warm trend before skinny scarfs take over the fashion scene once again. Check out Athens’ boutiques such as The Other Place and Artifacts for the accessory.

Retro Sweater


Student name: Charles Stephens

Year: Junior

Major: Graphic Design

Defined Style: Throwing things together

Favorite Fashion Trend: Tribal Trends

Runway Look: DSquared Men’s Fall/Winter 2012

Okay, fellas. It’s time to go through your dad’s closet for his sweaters from the 80s. Retro sweaters are back in full force. The patterns scream, “look at me” with the bold, individualistic patterns and multi-colored designs. The men’s “it item” of the season has been sighted on the runway and around Ohio University campus alike.  Try scouting for this retro-chic look at the local secondhand shops such as Athens Underground or Goodwill. If secondhand shopping doesn’t appeal to your taste, make a day trip to Pac Sun in the mall in Parkersburg or in Easton Town Center in Columbus.

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