How to dress for crazy Ohio weather

The winter leaves no choice but to bundle up and layer on every sweater in the closet, but when class buildings crank up the heat to temperatures only suitable for swimwear, students find themselves in a dilemma.


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“Sometimes it’s really cold outside, but when I come inside I get really overwhelmed from the heat of being bundled up. Sweater material made of wool ensures that I don’t sweat indoors,” said sophomore commercial photography major, Devin Rhodes, who has mastered the weather fluctuations by learning the art of layering.

Dressing in fabric that provides insulation is the key to not sweating indoors. Loose fabrics, such as elastic based fabrics and cotton, let skin “breathe” underneath fabric. However, stay away from polyester and nylon, that can make sweat stick to the skin. Tight-fitting clothing is usually a bad thing, but in the aim to stay warm, tighter clothing made by Under Armour will both keep warmth in and keep moisture out.

The House on Court Street is an athletic clothing store owned by The College Book Store that offers a supply of the Under Armour brand. The store carries hoodies, sweatpants, leggings and insulated shirts made by Under Armour with the added benefit of Ohio University logos.

However, in order to layer, buying new clothing is never a necessity. Simply being savvy with your wardrobe can help accomplish needed warmth

“Sometimes I wear tights underneath sweatpants if I’m super cold. It isn’t really fashionable, but it keeps me warm all over. Or if it isn’t super cold, but not warm, I wear tights under shorts to keep my legs warm and still look cute,” Rhodes said.

Another issue with bundling up is getting overheated feet. Doubling up on socks sounds like a good idea, until feet start sweating and it is nearly unbearable indoors.


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“For keeping my feet warm, thick cabin socks are really good for winter.High wool socks are also warm and comfortable while looking stylish with boots,” Rhodes said.

Sophomore media studies major Zackary Gilanyi knows the value of keeping a sweater or cardigan on hand.

“I will usually carry around a sweatshirt or cardigan. Once I get into a cooler temperature I will put on said sweatshirt,” said Gilanyi.

The Other Place located on Court Street offers fashionable cardigan options and jackets. The store also carries an array of tights that go well under skirts or shorts.

Thick socks or boots may keep the feet warm when it’s cold, but sitting in heated rooms will no doubt cause feet to sweat; however, open-toed shoes in the cold buildings will threaten frozen feet. When it comes to choosing footwear, slip-on shoes or closed-toed flats are a smart compromise.

Wearing socks will trap heat and moisture, so it is important to keep feet somewhat exposed in the heat. The feet will still be in a closed structure so you don’t have to worry about getting frost bite.

No one enjoys the bipolar weather of freezing temperatures and smoldering buildings.These tips offer a fashionable compromise when getting ready for the unpredictable Ohio weather.

Do you have any fashion tips for the crazy Ohio weather? Tell us about it on Twitter or in the comments!

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