‘Funkmaster’ nabs first prize in 48-Hour Shootout

An Ohio University video production group named LuciFeatures won the first place award in the eleventh annual 48-hour Shootout competition this past weekend. The group of 10-15 students, mostly comprised of video production majors, produced the 4-minute film titled, “The Funkmaster,” which took the prize from a pool of 17 films.

The 48-hour Shootout ran from Feb. 15 to Feb. 17, which gave students exactly 48 hours to write a script, shoot a 3-to-5-minute video and edit it for judging. Before beginning, the groups were given a genre, a prop and a line of dialogue.

LuciFeatures faced the task of shooting a superhero film with a pet as the prop and the line of dialogue,“Let’s remix this business.”

The comedic film, directed by sophomore video production major P.J. McConnell and produced by junior media management and communications studies major Maggie Lawlor, featured a man walking a dog throughout Athens and simply giving people “funk” in their everyday lives.

Senior media management major Sam Telford, who worked as an actor, writer and did lighting grip, said the group wrote the script Friday night in Alden Library.

“We wrote something on the spot and then showed it to the group. It wasn’t too good…and then one of (the writers) came up with the idea of a superhero who is kind of this funky guy. And we just kind of went off from there,” Telford said.

Dan Hildebrand, a video production junior, served as assistant editor and did visual effects and color correcting.

“After we wrapped filming at about 6, the editor and director worked on the film. They called me over to watch it and I took it off their hands, took it home, got it to a final rough cut and sent it off to audio so they could do their music and stuff like that. Then I spent 9-to-4 on Sunday doing color correction and visual effects,” Hildebrand said.

Dmitri Evans embodied the titular Funkmaster. Evans,  a junior video production major, also worked as assistant director and partial casting director.

“I loved (playing the Funkmaster),” Evans said. “Normally when you think of actors, you think their role is kind of spectacular and that you should be treated like ‘Oh, he’s a star,’ but I really felt like part of the team.”

The majority of LuciFeatures are  students formally in the media class TCOM 419, which focuses on producing short videos.

“I feel like we had a lot of competition,” Evans said. “We were going up against other 419 teams and one of the other teams, they looked really good, the cinematography was good, everything just looked kind of perfect.”

Members of LuciFeatures encourage video production students to participate in the 48-Hour Shootout in the future.

“It’s nice seeing all the films come together because you know they were all shot within the last 48 hours,” Hildebrand said. “It’s just cool seeing all of them and experiencing it. It is a lot of fun and a great experience.”

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