Get to know: Ohio softball pitcher Savannah Jo Dorsey

The Ohio Bobcats pitching staff is one of the main reasons behind the team’s impressive 15-10 mark so far this

(Photo by Ohio Athletics)

(Photo by Ohio Athletics)

season. She may not be the ace of the staff just yet, but Grove City native Savannah Jo Dorsey has put in many superb displays for the Bobcats. Speakeasy Sports sat down with Dorsey to discuss a wide range of topics, including where her interest in softball came from, what she thinks of Ohio softball coach Jodi Hermanek and what she likes to do in her spare time.

Speakeasy: What is your role on and off the field for the Ohio softball team?

Savannah Jo Dorsey: I try to lead on and off the field and I am a pitcher for the softball team.

Speakeasy: How did you get involved with softball?

SJD: In fifth grade I started playing softball. My mom went here (Ohio), and I tried many different sports and softball was the one I liked. One time, I saw girls playing softball on TV and I decided that one of my goals would be to play softball on TV. It did not happen, but hopefully it will.

Speakeasy: How did you become a pitcher?

SJD: Well I used to be a third baseman, and I worked on pitching on the side and decided I liked it better. My pitching coach always told me not to give up. He would call me his diamond in the rough. Now, I am living the dream.

Speakeasy: What are your main strengths as a pitcher?

SJD: I would say that I am a very composed pitcher and I have good movement on my pitches.

Speakeasy: How has senior catcher Lauren Gellerman helped you adjust to college softball?

SJD: Since the beginning, Lauren has been a role model because she is a leader on the team. When I first got here, I was nervous about balancing everything. She has tutored me in math and accepted me on the team. As for catching, she shows me the ropes, gives me confidence and makes me laugh while I’m on the mound.

Speakeasy: What is it like to play for coach Hermanek?

SJD: I like to play for her. She brings everything together and knows exactly what to say. When I am down, she will call me into her office and pick me up while also giving me good constructive criticism.

Speakeasy: How do you think the team has done so far this season? 

SJD: We were in a little bit of a slump, but we are coming together to get ready for MAC play. We have a lot of confidence in our offense and defense as a whole.

Speakeasy: As a freshman, how have you adjusted to college life? What kind of factor has softball played?

SJD: Softball has definitely helped me adapt. It is like a family away from home. I am really close to my family, but I was accepted into this new environment. All I have to do is walk around this college campus and my teammates help me out when I need it.

Speakeasy: What do you like to do in your spare time?

SJD: I’m really into nature. I go around the woods here (in Athens) and look at the trees. I also like to go boating and ride horses. I enjoy playing different sports, like pick-up basketball.

Speakeasy: Besides softball, what other sports do you enjoy?

SJD: I really enjoy gymnastics. I like to do cartwheels and handstands. In the summer, I love to play beach volleyball and as I said before, pick-up basketball.

Speakeasy: What are your goals for your first season in Athens?

SJD: I’m not concerned about stats. I want to look back on the year when it’s over and know I tried my hardest. I want to have no regrets about not giving my all for the team.

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