Revamp wardrobe with inexpensive options


Kelli Oliver, Ohio University sophomore DIY extraordinaire, rocks her self-made high-waisted shorts and her studded denim jacket.

The majority of college students do not hold an endless budget. It is difficult enough to keep up with the trends with a paying job. Students take advantage of refreshing their wardrobes by revamping, trading and ridding. A college student’s definition of wardrobe: versatile, trendy and most importantly, affordable. The fashion scene constantly shifts and alters. Who can keep up besides Blair Waldorf and Rachel Zoe?

Almost like new

“Small town” and “locavore” often describe beloved Athens. However, the words “shopping destination” are not associated with Athens. Little boutiques like Kismet and Artifacts offer stylish, name brand clothing, but not the best deals.

In reaction to college students’ limited budgets, Athens draws secondhand shops like the Athens Underground on Court Street. There’s also the Goodwill on East State Street.

Ohio University senior Emily Duey, majoring in English, works at Athens Underground.

“I do appreciate vintage clothing. They were much more customized back then. It was not such an industry. Clothing is supposed to last longer [than it does now],” said Duey.

Athens Underground is a throwback to yesteryear.  The wide array of contents ranging from knee-high boots to 50s sundresses attracts a variety of customers.

“College-ages are interested in vintage and vinyl. The older generation look for nostalgic clothes; clothes they wore back then,” said Duey of Athens Underground’s shopping cliental.

If you are looking for vintage, surely look at the Athens Underground. The reasonable prices attract along with the content.


There is something exhilarating about new clothing. If you will, a clothing “high” occurs at each addition to the closet. Do-it-yourself projects, more commonly known as DIY, provide an easy outlet for transforming bland or tired clothing and accessories.

Sophomore Emily McDermott, majoring in War and Peace Studies, creates the majority of her wardrobe. What she does not create, she alters to fit her down-to-earth style.

“All the women in my family are creative. It is in my blood. I try not to buy anything. My mom is an artist—she has a lot of materials,” said McDermott.

The Internet provides a seemingly never-ending pool of DIY options ranging from intricate to uber-simple. Many of these materials people already own or can buy cheaply.

McDermott suggests using Pinterest or Craftsy for DIY instructions. Pinterest allows users to search for virtually any DIY project imaginable. Check out how to make these feather earrings at

“A lot of things you see in stores you can do it yourself. There is a sense of satisfaction,” said McDermott.


Friends’ closets always appeal as the prime one-stop shop destination.

Your friends will (most likely) keep in mind the borrowing code of honor as they rock the party scene in your metallic stilettos or prized peach plaid button-up shirt. Yet, mishaps occur even between the closest of friends.

Freshmen Eliza Straughter, Engineering major, and Jocelyn Betman, Communications Studies major, share in mishap endeavors.

Straughter and Betman know firsthand the problem of sharing clothing with their mutual friend, Vivian.

“I gave Vivian my scarf,” said Betman.

“I gave her [Vivian] a hairband. She is a good friend of ours. We never see our stuff again,” said Straughter.

However, these OU students laugh off this misfortune. After all, accessories should not separate friendships. They simply overlook their friend’s negligence.

Friends come first for Straughter and Betman. They help each other in a pinch.

“I had to wear ‘OU wear.’ All mine was dirty. She let me borrow hers. It was a miracle. I had a swapping miracle definitely,” said Straughter.

So forget the shipping fees and questionable clothing history involved with online swapping.  Knock on your friend’s door or give him or her a call when in need. A true pal will drop anything at hand for a fashion emergency.

Confession of a shopaholic

I am a shopaholic. There is no denying it. That shopping buzz beckons whenever I tire of my wardrobe. Call me materialistic, but I prefer over-stylized.

Out with the old and in with the new.  As spring weather agonizingly crawls closer, a time for renewal arrives too.

Clean out your closets, drawers and shelves with any items you have not worn in a year. Then donate the items to a local charity. It will make room for the clothes you adore for easier wardrobe decisions.

Alas, my pocket book has a bottom unlike Mary Poppins’ bag of wonders. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will revamp your wardrobe (and save your bank account) as they will hopefully alter mine.

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