Fall Out Boy can ‘Save Rock and Roll’

Please excuse us, our middle school selves are completely freaking out. Photo from Billboard.

Photo from Billboard.

Being a teenager was hard, but at least we had Fall Out Boy to make everything better. “Save Rock and Roll” is not the same teenage angst fans are used to, but honestly, that’s a good thing. We’ve grown up, and these boys grew up with us. With surprise celebrities guests, including Sir Elton John, and their crazy new sound, FOB is better than ever.

The surprising return of Fall Out Boy had fans incredibly antsy to hear what they’d been working on. Instead of publically announcing a return a year in advance, the band recorded the whole thing in secret away from the music industry, and most importantly, their fans.

Oh, boys, how we've missed you. Photo from NME.

Oh, boys, how we’ve missed you. Photo from NME.

“An artist’s first record sounds the way it does because it is often made without expectations,” the band posted on their Tumblr. “This is not our first record. But because of the way we went about making this one in the shadows it is without a doubt the first record in a new chapter of Fall Out Boy.” It certainly is a new chapter.

Starting out the album is the band’s second single, “The Phoenix.” This is a track that you’ll want to go running to. Think, “Eye of the Tiger” but not so cheesy. It’s a heavy song with a strong rhythm. Minus the intense drum kicks and heavy bass, you can faintly hear FOB’s old sound, which has always incorporated Patrick Stump’s impressive vocals mixed with Pete Wentz’ lyrics. It’s a signature of theirs that might just be the key to their success.

If this heavier rock sound isn’t what you want to hear, “Young Volcanoes” is a definitely must listen. Compared to the other songs on the album, this is a more intimate song similar to bands such as fun. and maybe a little Phillip Phillips.  It’s definitely a summer song that you can blast driving with the windows down. It’s so different from FOB’s typical sound, but somehow they execute it well.

With surprising celebrity guest vocalists including Elton John, Courtney Love and Big Sean, it’s hard to believe that they kept all of this a secret for the past year or so. Unfortunately, the song that lacks the most appeal is the titular, “Save Rock and Roll” which features Elton. That alone makes it seem like it would be an intense, awesome song, but it takes a few listens to warm up to it. Despite the gorgeous heavy strings, piano and help from the pop legend, it’s just boring. It always seems like it will pick up, but it just continues to be lack luster.

Overall, these boys have turned into men. The music sticks to their punk roots, but it’s a lot grittier this time around. Compared to their original pop sound, this album is much more electrifying. The rhythm is consistent throughout the album. Not only will Fall Out Boy have listeners tapping their feet to the beat, but they’ll leave them feeling like they can do anything

Speakeasy rating: A-

“Save Rock and Roll”

Fall Out Boy

Recommended tracks: “The Phoenix”, “Young Volcanoes”, “Where Did The Party Go”

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