Speakeasy Sports NBA Podcast #14: Finals Recap and Offseason Review

It’s been over a month since the Speakeasy Sports crew sat down to discuss the state of the NBA. Since then, a lot of offseason moves, stemming from one of the most wild and unpredictable draft days in recent memory, have seemed to have come out of left field. After the San Antonio Spurs took a one-game lead into Miami for the final two games of the NBA Finals, the unpredictable waning moments of Game 6 summed up one of the most exciting championship series of the 2000s, in which the Miami Heat retained the title for their second-straight NBA championship. The excitement from the hard-fought series carried over into draft night, when the Cleveland Cavaliers set the precedent for David Stern’s last act as NBA commissioner when they selected Anthony Bennett No. 1 overall – an erratic affair that saw the presumed No. 1 pick in Nerlens Noel fall to the New Orleans Pelicans at No. 6, then flipped to the Philadelphia 76ers soon after. The madness was far from over on and after draft night, as big-time free agents Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Andrew Bynum and Andre Iguodala made moves from their 2012-13 homes to start new and fresh beginnings with new squads.

The Miami Heat celebrate back-to-back championships. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Miami Heat celebrate back-to-back championships. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

In this episode of the Speakeasy Sports NBA Podcast, the last of the 2012-13 NBA podcast year, host Zak Kolesar is joined by the other two-thirds of the Speakeasy Sports NBA trio, Marlowe Alter and Chris Manning, and frequent podcast visitor Danny Medlock in discussing what has ensued in the NBA since the 2012-13 season officially ended with the Heat hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy once again. You can listen to the podcast below or check out the direct link here:


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