OU sports experiences that can’t be missed

Whether you stand and scream in the stands or you jump right into the action, there are plenty of ways to get involved in athletics at Ohio University. Here are the top ten sporting activities you must have while at Ohio University:

Fan experiences:

  • Go to the blackout game. All of the football games are thrilling. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. On weeknight games, you can watch the team compete under the lights. Football games shouldn’t be missed, but one in particular is special. Be there for the blackout. Dress in all black and watch the team in all-black uniforms for one of the most exciting games of the season.
  • Catch Green Fever. The men’s basketball team has given us memories that will last a lifetime the past two seasons. If you were around to watch them dance into the Sweet 16 in 2012, you witnessed a special time in Bobcat athletics. While travelling to postseason games isn’t a reality for everyone, each year students get the chance to show their pride and support their Bobcats at one of the final home games of the season. The student body catches Green Fever and heads down to the Convo to cheer for the men’s team. The atmosphere is electric and will get adrenaline coursing through your body.
  • Take in a women’s sporting event. Ohio University has some talented women athletes. The volleyball and field hockey teams are noted for their success, but it doesn’t stop there though. There are seven other women’s sports teams at Ohio University. The student attendance at those games often dwindles, but it’s always fun to take in a game.
The Ohio University softball team celebrates during a double header against Canisius in March.

The Ohio University softball team celebrates a win at home. (Photo by Devin Rhodes)

  • Attend a baseball game. Everyone knows about the football and basketball teams, but there are so many more sports offered at Ohio University. Head out to a baseball game in the spring and you may be surprised by how fun taking in another sport can be. It’s not full of the pomp of either of the other two major sports, but it’s relaxing to sit in the grass by the field and enjoy America’s pastime.
  • The hit up a hockey game. The Ohio University hockey team has a rich tradition of success. Though there is a small fee to watch the team play at Bird Arena (it’s a club sport), it’s well worth the price. Watching the hockey team is one of the things that you must do before graduating.
  • Sit in the O-Zone. Be a part of one of the wildest student sections in the MAC. Opposing coaches know the O-Zone makes playing on the road at Ohio University challenging. We’re not nicknamed the best sixth man in the MAC for nothing. Be at the games. Scream your lungs out. Stand on your feet and cheer for your team. Show your Bobcat pride. Be a part of the energy that can help lead our Bobcats to victory.

Members of the O-Zone show their pride during a men’s basketball game at the Convo. (Photo by Mark Clavin)

  • Watch the Marching 110 go viral. Party Rock Anthem and Gangnam Style were the last two popular songs to help boost the fame and notoriety of Ohio University’s very own Marching 110. Watch the band during halftime at football games to find out which song will be next. When a song goes viral, it’s fun to say that you were there, that you witnessed the original performance. But do me a favor and don’t bail as soon as the Marching 100 is done—stay for the whole game.

Getting active:

  • Get outside. Go for a bike ride, run or a walk on the bike trail or grab some friends and hike up to Radar Hill. In the fall this can be especially rewarding. It’s a great way to get active and have fun doing it. The bike trail runs along the Hocking River, making for a scenic run, walk or bike ride. Hiking around the Ridges can be a treat for anyone who likes to get outdoors, but taking a trail up to Radar Hill is even more rewarding. The spectacular views shouldn’t be missed. In all of the days you will spend at Ohio University, be sure to spend at least one exploring the Ridges. It’s a must for any Ohio University student.
  • Take a trip to “South Beach.” Many students come to Ohio University as former high school athletes. Don’t forget your roots. While you may not have the chance to play at the Convo or at Pedan Stadium, don’t forget about your love. Play a game of catch or kick a soccer ball around one of the greens. Join in with others who are already playing. It’s a great way to make friends and remember your days on the playing field. Frisbee is also a great option.
  • Check out the intramural and club sports. There are a ton of options if you want to get serious about playing. Club sports are more competitive and boast a wide variety of options. Of course, you’ll find more common sports like soccer, tennis and volleyball, but there are way more chances to learn a new sport and be part of a team. There is the equestrian, ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse and crew teams. Why not try something new? If you want to play more casually, get a group of friends together and play broomball, flag football or any of the other numerous intramural sports. Have fun with it.

If you check off all of these items before graduating Ohio University, you will have fully immersed yourself in athletics and surely had a rewarding experience doing it. Graduate as a true Bobcat fan. And after you do, come back and experience it all over again as an alumnus.

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