My summer in sports: Bez Saciri

The day was May 13 and the time was roughly 1: 30 p.m. I was reading up on the latest transfer news involving English Premier League clubs on my computer, and my phone went off. For me, that does not happen often. When I went to see who it was, it was a number I did not recognize. I opened the message, and it was the Managing Editor of the Mount Vernon News. She told me that she wanted to finalize the minor details before I started my internship with the newspaper I have grown up with.

After I finished my conversation with her, I was as happy as I have ever been in my life. A chance to prove myself is all I ever wanted. My first assigned story was one I knew I would have fun with. Ohio State star point guard Aaron Craft and other current and former Buckeyes were going to make an appearance at Mount Vernon High School. I got a chance to talk with the person who was responsible for bringing these athletes to Mount Vernon. This was the first step, and it only got better and better.

I covered a district final softball game, a district semifinal baseball game and many other baseball games involving younger children, among other topics.

I had a chance to go to the Knox County Fair and cover horse racing. I wrote about a man who traveled across the Midwest to compete in horse racing events. It’s safe to say he excelled at what he did. He was able to live off the earnings he made the race track, which is impressive. He told me he went to Mount Vernon High School, and it was nice to hear that a Mount Vernon graduate is doing great things in their life.

Continuing with the horse racing theme, I actually interviewed someone I had worked with at an earlier job, and he is good friends with my father. He told me had been racing horses for the past 30 years, but the best part of the story involved his uncle. His uncle, who is almost 90 years old, is still racing horses, and he actually got a call from Jay Leno’s representatives to appear on his show and talk about his horse racing accomplishments. He declined the invitation.

I have two more found memories involving my time at the News. There was a woman I interviewed, and she was no ordinary woman. She was the beneficiary of an organ donation. She went to South Africa to participate in the World Transplant Games. She was successful in her events, and she told me she wants to keep participating in the Transplant Games for as long as she can. This woman taught my siblings in preschool, and her donor was my preschool teacher. It’s amazing how things come full circle like that.

My last founding memory involved a soccer camp. The camp was run by three guys from England. Two of the three were Aston Villa fans, and the other supported Manchester City. I started off the interview with the three Englishmen asking about the camp, and then I delved into their favorite clubs. Both of the Villa supporters believed star striker Christian Benteke was as good as gone, but the powerful Belgian stayed put, and he will be counted on to score the goals to keep Villa up once again. The City fan did not agree with the coaching decision at the Etihad, but he had to be happy with Manuel Pellegrini’s dealings in the transfer market, which saw Jesus Navas and Stevan Jovetic join the club this summer, among others.

When I did have some free time this summer, I tried to spend as much time as I could with my family, and I did play FIFA 13 on rare occasions. I did get a chance to take in a Columbus Crew match with my dad and brother, but the Crew did lose 2-1 against longtime rival Chicago.

Overall, this was a summer I will never forget. I learned a lot, and I was happy to spend time with the people I love most.

I wish everyone the best this year. I hope all of your dreams and goals become reality.

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