Miley bares it all in video for ‘Wrecking Ball’

Miley Cyrus has come a long way since her days on the hit Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana.

Not only has she traded in her blonde wig for an edgy haircut, but her music career as the new and improved Miley is finally taking off. Although her transformation has received tons of buzz on Twitter, it’s not the only Miley news blowing up the Twitterverse: the pop star let’s it all hang out in her most recent music video for “Wrecking Ball.” The song is the second single off her most recent album, “Bangerz,” due out October 8th.

The young pop sensation has received a lot of hate for the provocative video, which includes a nude Miley Cyrus swinging back and forth on a wrecking ball. The fun continues,however, as Miley sensually slobbers all over an old, rusty sledgehammer.

Miley spends the remaining minutes of the video lying in piles of debris, smashed to bits by the same wrecking ball she had been swinging on, slapping herself across the face and recklessly waving that darn sledgehammer about.

She could have at least asked the sledgehammer out on a date first. Photo by Mirror Online UK.

She could have at least asked the sledgehammer out on a date first. Photo by Mirror Online UK.

As uncomfortable as swinging on a wrecking ball butt naked may be, or as unpleasant as a rusty sledgehammer may taste, Miley claims the video was intended to be an emotional and vulnerable representation of her relationship with her on-again, off-again beau, Liam Hemsworth.

Although it’s probable Miley could have made her point without the nudity,  it’s not unlikely that it plays an integral part in the success of the video. The nudity, the sledgehammer, her tongue: it sparked the curiosity of millions of people, who then, naturally, logged onto YouTube to see what all the buzz was about. Nudity, a sledgehammer, Miley Cyrus’ tongue – who wouldn’t be interested?  

Miley is a talented young artist with tons of potential and a bright future, but is it all an act? Is this the real Miley Cyrus? Could this sweet, Disney Channel star born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee have grown up to be a mindless twerking machine? Miley’s recent behavior has “fame hungry” written all over it.

Although the video may be an acquired taste, the song itself isn’t half bad. It’s apparent Miley is emotionally attached to the track, especially in the video. “It was a lot harder to actually do the video than it was to even record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience,” she recently confessed on Elvis Duran’s Morning Radio Show. After her controversial performance at the VMAs this past August and her other single, “We Can’t Stop,” it’s refreshing to see a much softer side of the pop princess – and no, not her backside.

The video reveals an entirely new side of the pop star, one especially unfamiliar to the fans who have supported her since her early career as Hannah Montana. She’s stepped outside her comfort zone and has managed to shock her audiences. Whether Miley’s new attitude be a result of her rocky relationship with Liam, an attempt at finding herself or a desperate cry for attention, old Miley is certainly a thing of the past.

Not only has the video reached over 50 million views on YouTube, it’s reached number one on iTunes, beating out Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lady Gaga’s “Applause.” Miley may have been blasted with hateful tweets from fans and harsh reviews from critics, but considering her recent success with “Wrecking Ball,” she must be doing something right.

5 thoughts on “Miley bares it all in video for ‘Wrecking Ball’

  1. Sex always sells… especially to those just discovering their native sides. Not Art in that, just Marketing…. Good review K!

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