How will ‘Breaking Bad’ end? Death, vengeance and buckets of blood

What will become of everyone's favorite meth cooks? Find out below. Photo from BBC.

What will become of everyone’s favorite meth cooks? Find out below. Photo from BBC.

Warning: So many spoilers below.

Walter White watched his brother-in-law die and saw most of his $80 million in drug money get seized by a meth gang, all in a matter of minutes. Yikes.

This spine-tingling tension occurred during this week’s episode of AMC’s critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad.” It’s anyone’s guess as to how the show will conclude with so much hanging in the balance and so many relationships decimated.

The structural backbone of “Breaking Bad” is its jarring plot twists. Every episode it seems to take another life-altering turn. These dramatic shifts often occur as a result of trivial actions, such as the death of Jesse’s girlfriend resulting in the distraction of an air traffic controller, who mistakenly allows two planes to collide into one another. Yeah. Such aberrations make shows like “Breaking Bad” so difficult to predict.

Will Walt finally meet his maker? We kind of hope so. Photo from AMC.

Will Walt finally meet his maker? We kind of hope so. Photo from AMC.

Even as the series winds down to its last two episodes, the task of foreseeing the coming events requires a lot of thought, and probably a little luck. That being said, two distinct, contrasting scenarios stand out to me:

The Just Desserts, Full-Circle Scenario: It’s hard to imagine the writers are going to let this methamphetamine-crazed family saga end on a high note. The show consistently depicts the consequences of hard drug use and the dangers of the drug trade. I think the show is going to take yet another one of its infamous dramatic plot twists. The last episode screeched to a halt with Walter, (the insanely great Bryan Cranston) losing his vast wealth, a family member, and the trust of his family. To add even more shittiness to the concoction, he’s also wanted for the murder of his DEA director brother-in-law and the kidnapping of his toddler, Holly. Even with millions in cash, I wouldn’t want to be in his place.

Going forward, Walt has very few ties to the outside world, as he is now forced to change his identity. But with friend-turned-enemy Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) at the hands of the murderous meth mob, Walter appears to have no other threats beside law enforcement. I don’t think show creator Vince Gilligan would take such an easy way out by having Walter end his campaign with an arrest.

Instead, it will end where it all began: Walter’s lung cancer that plunged him into the meth trade in the first place. The same cancer he beat once resurfaced during season five. Walter’s demise from cancer would certainly serve as poetic justice for the tragedies caused by his meth empire.

The Ambiguous Opener: One of “Breaking Bad’s” favorite tropes is the seemingly random opening scene of every season that ties into the storyline later on. This season’s openers have been especially open-ended, as they depict Walter in hiding, and returning to his house—completely burnt to the ground. Walt is definitely avoiding someone.

The end of Hank’s chase means the biggest hunt yet — Walt’s pursuit by law enforcement regarding Hank’s death and Walter’s drug distribution, thus painting a clearer picture as to why the opening scenes are so unrelated to the plot. But at this point, Walter isn’t going to quietly back into a corner after such a loss. Revenge will come. Bullets will fly. More main characters will be killed off (sorry, Jesse.)

No matter what happens, Walter will get what he wants, as he has proven time and time again throughout the series. As he said to Hank when initially confronted about his crimes, “Tread lightly.

What do you think will happen on the series finale of “Breaking Bad?” Will Walt get what he deserves? (Maybe.) Will Skyler dance on his grave? (We hope so.) Will Jesse be a meth slave forever? (Please no.) Tweet us @SpeakeasyMag and tell us what you think!

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