Seeing double: a fresh batch of celebrity look-alikes

Freshman Greg Haylett gives his best "Troy Bolton" smirk.

Freshman Greg Haylett gives his best “Troy Bolton” smirk. Photo by Lauren Prescott.

This small town is starting to resemble LA with the amount of celebrity look-alikes wandering around campus. OU has always been known to have its fair share of beautiful people, but this year it seems that our campus is teeming with new handsome men that happen to look like some of Hollywood’s most popular heartthrobs.

Beyond singing and playing basketball like his “High School Musical” look alike, Greg Haylett, a freshman pre-physical therapy major, spends his free time snowboarding, surfing and camping with his friends. It would be no surprise to us if this shaggy haired outdoorsman had a few campfire songs up his sleeve. But they wouldn’t be love songs, for Greg has yet to find his Gabriella.

“I like a girl who is funny and can make me laugh, but other than that I’m not very picky,” Efron… or I mean Haylett said.

Like his blue-eyed doppelganger, his ideal date would be a romantic picnic on a beach, or golf course, similar to the one Troy and Gabriella shared in “High School Musical 2.” But with a college student’s budget, a typical date would include “a nice dinner at Shively or Nelson,” he said.

Freshman Nate Collings looking like a more fresh-faced Liam Hemsworth.

Freshman Nate Collings looking like a more fresh-faced Liam Hemsworth. Photo by Lauren Prescott.

Known as Liam Hemsworth to the women on his dorm floor, Nate Collings, a freshman electrical engineering major, blushes at his new nickname. Shockingly similar in demeanor, a bashful Nate shares hobbies surprisingly akin to Liam Hemsworth’s character in “The Last Song.” “I like to play piano, make stained glass, paint and draw. I guess you could say I’m a bit artistic,” Collings said.

Collings’ creative soul spills to the surface when he talks about dating. “I’ve taken a girl to a symphony before and really enjoyed that,” he said. But before performances comes preferences.

Girls across campus will soon be dying their hair brown, for Collings is a sucker for brunettes. “I like a girl who isn’t high maintenance, not needy and she has to be outgoing—she’ll have to do a lot of the talking. Oh and it’d be great if she dressed nicely, and is a brunette,” Collings said with a grin.

Although he is rather busy on weekdays, ladies are not to worry, for you can find him enjoying a cup of coffee at Court Street Coffee, or perhaps a bagel at Bagel Street Deli, to name a few of his favorite places around town.


Freshman Jake Lewis nailing his Doppleganger's signature pose.

Freshman Jake Lewis nailing his doppleganger’s signature pose. Photo by Lauren Prescott.


Contrary to his Manhattan-elitist double, Jake Williams is not used to the cold weather up north. A native of Jupiter, Florida, he says the cold weather wasn’t the only thing that surprised him since coming to Athens. “Ever since I’ve gotten here, there’s been a group of girls following me around yelling, ‘Chase, Chase! It’s Nate from ‘Gossip Girl!’ I’ve been pretty confused to say the least,” Williams said with a laugh. It seems as if Williams already has a similar entourage as Chase Crawford’s character Nate does with Serena and Blair in “Gossip Girl.”

Majoring in International Business, Williams hopes to makes the big bucks like his Gossip Girl carbon copy. Williams is a member of Ohio’s varsity golf team, and when he’s not on the course, he can easily be spotted with his teammates at Palmer Place.

As he is always dressed to a “T,” this preppy, pretty boy likes his girls to be “down to earth and easy to talk to,” and he doesn’t mind “if they look good in a hat,” he revealed. Recently single, Williams gives away his favorite hangouts in case any girls are interested, “I can always go for some Chipotle… Although, the Crystal’s always a good time!” he said.

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