Milesky continuing to impress in first season at Ohio

Freshman Alexis Milesky has made an immediate impact for the Bobcats. (Ohio Athletics)

Freshman Alexis Milesky has made an immediate impact for the Bobcats. (Ohio Athletics)

For Alexis Milesky, it was all clear from the start: she wanted to be an Ohio Bobcat, and she was not going to let a coaching change affect her life-changing decision.

The freshman has won admirers from the first time she put on an Ohio women’s soccer uniform. The Plain City, Ohio, native is second on the team in goals with two and points with five. Milesky also has recorded one assist this season, as well.

Milesky sat down with Speakeasy Sports to talk about a variety of topics, including her thoughts on head coach Aaron Rodgers, how she got involved with soccer and what she likes to do in her spare time.

Speakeasy Sports: How did you get your start in soccer?

Alexis Milesky: I got my start in soccer when I was four years old. I played YMCA soccer and my coach was my mom. I was playing in a Dublin recreational league, and I found out that a soccer club called Ohio Premier wanted me to play for them. My parents were skeptical at first because they didn’t want my life to be surrounded by soccer. I joined them when I was eight years old, and my soccer career took off. Soccer was my life. My under-18 team won nationals, which was special.

Speakeasy: What would you say is your biggest strength as a soccer player?

AM: I would have to say my will to work. I am not someone who will do something with the ball that will make the crowd go wild, but I will always work hard and never give up.

Speakeasy: Whenever you play, it seems like you are all over the field. What is your natural position?

AM: When I played for my club team, I played forward, so I would say forward. I like to make a difference from the middle of the field.

Speakeasy: You have two goals to your name so far this season. Did you think you would make such an impact early on in your college career?

AM: The coaching staff told me they expected me to play right off the bat. But I didn’t expect such a big role within the team. I expected to have an impact here, but I didn’t expect to score that many goals.

Speakeasy: What was your high school soccer experience like?

AM: Overall, my high school team was not the best. We made the district final my freshman year and that was it. I do hold the assist record at Jonathan Alder, and my senior year, I got to play with my sister, which was special. My club team was where I got to experience a lot of wins.

Speakeasy: You came to Ohio right after Stacy Strauss decided to leave the program. Describe your recruiting process.

AM: Stacy recruited me when I was 14, and I committed to Ohio when I was 16. I was confident in my decision because I loved what Ohio was all about. When I found out Stacy was leaving the program, I was upset, but I didn’t want to change my choice of school because I wanted to go to Ohio. Aaron (Rodgers) has been great so far. He has improved my game beyond what other people could have done.

Speakeasy: What’s it like to play for coach Rodgers?

AM: Aaron has a funny side to him and he has a serious side to him. He knows when to use them both. During games, he knows when to pick players up and he also knows when to get on players. He wants his players to reach their full potential. I like that a lot because I want to be held to high standards.

Speakeasy: Are there any specific players who have taken you under their wing and shown you the ropes?

AM: There are a few. I would say Alex Stec. She can’t play this season, but she is an all-around great person. Grace Campbell is another one. I take classes with her, and she tells me when I do something wrong on the field. Gabby Hausfeld is another. She is just like Grace. She is a loving person who will do anything to help people out.

Speakeasy: What do you like most about Athens?

AM: I like that it has a home atmosphere to it. It is similar to my hometown. It’s also close to home, which allows me to see my parents when I need to.

Speakeasy: What do you like to do in your spare time?

AM: I like to hang out with my roommate and her boyfriend. I enjoy going to Ping, and I’ve a few friends I hang out with that live on my floor.

Speakeasy: What’s your major, and what do you want to do when you obtain your degree?

AM: I am in Nutrition/Pre-medicine. I want to eventually go to medical school, but I am not entirely sure of what exactly I want to study in medicine. When I find something I like, I will go that route.

Speakeasy: What are your goals for the rest of the soccer season?

AM: I want our team to win every single game we have left this season. It doesn’t matter what team it is, I want to win. 


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