Just because: ‘Thank You Notes,’ OU edition

It’s Friday night. That means catching up on some personal work. You know…homework, food, TV, the norm. Oh, and of course, thank you notes.

A popular skit on the “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” show is where he takes some time out of his show to write some sincere, and hilarious, thank you notes about, well, everything. Today, we join  Jimmy Fallon in writing our own thank you notes dedicated to everything OU — because if you think about it, we have so many things to be thankful for on this glorious campus. So get out your cards, your pen, and write away.

*Cue soulful thank you notes writing music*

Many Thanks to Our Campus Greens!

1. Thank you, South Green, for being so far away it’s like you’re not even a part of this campus.

Every. Single. Day. Oh, the pain. Photo by Diary of  a Running Mom.

Every. Single. Day. Oh, the pain. Photo by Diary of a Running Mom.

2. Thank you, West Green, for being in close proximity to all sporting fields and arenas, and allowing me easy access to games.

3. Thank you, cars driving by the cross walk in front of West Green, for almost killing students daily.

4. Thank you, Morton Hill, for making me out of breath and wanting to dry heave once I’m at the top, but ultimately for giving me calves of a goddess.

5. Thank you, grate at the top of Morton Hill, for having large, open gaps where a foot can easily get caught into to make someone trip. (Trust me – it happened to my friend once).

How could I forget our delightful campus buildings?

7. Thank you, delicious dining halls (no, not you, Boyd) for reassuring every freshman that they will leave with the freshman fifty. Oh sorry, fifteen. No. Fifty.

8. Thank you OU, for building the Schoonover Building and saying it would be done in August, when, alas, it is October and not complete.

9. Thank you, Baker Center escalators, for being the one relief on this hilly hell of a campus.

10. Thank you, intersection in front of the Research and Tech building, for not having a crosswalk for students to safely reach the other side.

11. Thank you, laundry rooms, for being hot as hell and for taking all of my pumpkin spice latte Bobcat Cash.

12. Thank you, Front Room, for never having an open table when I need it. Seriously people, do you stay there all day and guard your table?

13. Thank you, dorm room, for only having one window that can’t open because of the air conditioning unit, and making me feel like I’m suffocating at times.

And how about our good ‘ol campus and Athens life? 

14. Thank you, Insomnia Cookies, for always being there to conquer my cookie and milk cravings at any time of the day.

15. Thank you, football game tailgating for always handing out free food and giving me sustenance before the big game.

Say it with us: FREE DP DOUGH. Photo by Ohio Bobcats.

Say it with us: FREE DP DOUGH. Photo by Ohio Bobcats.

16. Thank you, college, for constantly giving me work to do and for the daily reminders that the real world is getting closer with each fleeting day.

17. Thank you, professors, for making me buy an expensive text book and constantly read chapters, but never going over anything we read.

18. Thank you, floor mates, for constantly coming in late drunk and drawing men’s private parts on our dry erase board. (PS – You might want to take an art class while you’re here).

21. Thank you, beautifully-bricked Athens, for never allowing girls to safely wear heels.

22. Thank you, drunk people on “thirsty Thursdays,” for shouting obscene compliments at everyone as they pass under your balconies.

23. Thank you, early morning classes, for allowing students to wake up with a beautiful sunrise. Or does everyone just sleep through those classes?

24. Thank you, semesters, for taking away everything that was awesome about quarters. Remember those nice long fall, winter and spring breaks? Yeah, me neither.

25. Thank you, community bathrooms, for the constant reminder of how much I miss the luxury of a private bathroom.


What do you want to thank OU for? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tweet us @Speakeasymag!

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