Five on five: Vol. 5

Each week, we ask five of our sportswriters five questions about Ohio athletics. Their answers may surprise you. This week, we talked to sports editor Alex Hider, contributor Danny Medlock, assistant sports editor Katie Hendershot, and field hockey writers DuShaun Headd and Jack Zink.

Ty Branz (#73) and Nathan Carpenter (#35) having been leading a defensive surge for Ohio. (Carl Fonticella)

Ty Branz (#73) and Nathan Carpenter (#35) having been leading a defensive surge for Ohio. (Carl Fonticella)

Ohio’s defenses has allowed just three points over two games. Who do you credit more: The defense, or easy scheduling?

Alex Hider: Austin Peay and Akron are a combined 1-11 this season. Neither team has beaten an FBS opponent yet. The closest game Austin Peay has played in this year was a 42-10 loss to Chattanooga. Good for Ohio for beating teams they should beat, but these two weeks don’t tell me anything about this team as a whole.

Danny Medlock: You have to credit the Bobcats, in the past they played down to the level of their opponents – just look to the Miami loss last season or giving up 35 to UMass. Its nice to see the ‘Cats take care of business. It is a true testament to the leadership on the team.

Katie Hendershot: Three points over two games is an impressive feat for any defense. No matter the team, the defense has to be on top of its game to achieve that. However, to some extent, easy scheduling does play a part. I think it’s a good mix of both and something the defense will show us more in the coming weeks.

DuShaun Headd: To say easy scheduling is the reason for the lack of offense Ohio has seen the past two games would be a slap in the face to Ohio’s defense. The defense deserves credit for the lack of points allowed. While Austin Peay may not be the greatest team, holding Akron to 3 points, the same team who put 24 points on the current ranked #11 University of Michigan is remarkable.

Jack Zink: I think it is a litte bit of both.  Obviously Akron and Austin Peay are no the toughest of opponents, but I think the defense has also been able to find itself this far into the season.

Pruitt Field is still not ready for the field hockey team. What’s the longest time you’ve ever spent from home?

Hider: Not counting college, the longest time I spent away from home was the summer before my senior year of high school when I went straight from a mission trip to vacation in Virginia Beach.

Medlock: I feel like the correct answer to this question is one semester.

Hendershot: It’s been a long time since the field hockey team has played at home. If being away at school counts, then the longest I’ve been away from home is about a month and a half. If that doesn’t count, it’s only really only a week at a time on vacations and school trips.

Headd: The longest I’ve spent from home is currently now. Haven’t been home since I’ve arrived in Athens for orientation and realistically probably will not be home until Thanksgiving break.

Zink: Since I am a freshman, the longest time I have spent away from home was the first month I was here for school.

Soccer looks to separate itself from the pack this weekend against Akron and Buffalo. Where can we expect them to be by the end of the weekend?

Hider: Ohio has been strong on the road this season, going 3-1-2 so far this season, but I think Akron’s home field advantage could give the Bobcats problems. They love their footy up there.

Medlock: I like them to win both. Side note: It is bizarre how much weaker Akron’s women soccer is than men’s.

Hendershot: I think Ohio soccer will add two wins by the end of the weekend. Akron and Buffalo are both coming off of losses. While the Bobcats have had a rough patch as of late, I think they could get back on track this weekend and inch closer to the top of the standings.

Headd: With Akron and Buffalo both struggling in conference play, I think Ohio splits the games this weekend, winning one and losing another. My reason: Ohio is on the road this weekend.

Zink: Playing against two subpar teams this weekend, hopefully they can get back on track to getting towards the top of the MAC standings.

What’s your favorite Homecoming event?

Hider: Not sure if I have one besides “Kegs & Eggs,” but I am glad they rerouted the parade last year. I’m going to need some beauty rest Saturday morning. If all goes according to plan, I will be nursing a serious hangover.

Medlock: I’m not sure the only event I know is drink from sunset to sunrise… *Puts hand up for a high-five*

Hendershot: The Homecoming game is my favorite because it’s the only one I’ve really experienced. However, I will miss the game this weekend and something feels wrong about that. I also just enjoy seeing the energy on campus during Homecoming week.

Headd: I’m going to see Craig Robinson Thursday night, I think his comedic special will serve as the best Homecoming event. Getting a good laugh is always good, especially if you’re doing in the company of someone you enjoy.

Zink: I can’t say I have one yet, but I will say that I cannot wait for the whole Halloween weekend.

Miller's Chicken on West State Street is one of Athen's hidden gems.

Miller’s Chicken on West State Street is one of Athen’s hidden gems. (Mark Clavin)

What’s your favorite Athens-area restaurant?

Hider: I’m suffering a panic attack over the though of naming just one, but ever since I discovered Miller’s Chicken last year, my life hasn’t been the same. (Honorable Mentions: O’Betty’s, Columbus Street Diner, The Pub)

Medlock: Seriously, don’t make me choose. I will say this though I really want to try Larry’s Dog Shack.

Hendershot: There are a lot of good ones to pick from, but my favorite is probably Goodfellas. It’s just an Athens classic.

Headd: Tough decision, but as a lover of ribs, Kisser’s BBQ Shack has quickly developed into one of my favorite Athens area restaurants.

Zink: Its’ gotta be Good Fellas, best pizza outside of New York that I have ever had.

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