A Day to Remember’s “Common Courtesy” has fans melting into puddles of emotion

These fellas happen to be  part of a little band called A Day to Remember. Photo from Freetime Magazine.

These fellas happen to be part of a little band called A Day to Remember. Photo from Freetime Magazine.

After three years, the band A Day to Remember has released their new album “Common Courtesy”, and this album has me so beside myself that I have to take this review to a personal level.

The most crucial point to note is that this band is completely one hundred percent ADTR. These musicians have truly defined their style and even after three years, it sounds as though I’m being thrown back into those band tee and bandanna days when I jammed so hard to ADTR.

Aside from embarrassing choices in fashion, ADTR bring back fond memories layered with budding high school friendships and teenage angst.

“Common Courtesy” is definitely one of those albums that can be played over and over. It includes those traditional ADTR tracks that blends a variety of music into the band’s own distinct genre. Their pop-punk influenced songs produce a feel good attitude and are contrasted by the album’s harder songs perfect for those desperately needed rage moments.

The album cover for A Day to Remember's new album, "Common Courtesy".

The album cover for A Day to Remember’s new album, “Common Courtesy”. Image from hasitleaked.com.

One thing about ADTR’s music that is easily distinguishable is their fascination for creating songs meant for nostalgia and rebellion. They pay tribute to their hometown origins in the album’s opening song “City of Ocala” and reminisce about their career as musicians and travels with the closing track “I Remember.” Many tracks also include dialogue between the band member that was recorded in the process of the album’s development.

ADTR also knows how to make acoustic music that hits the very core of the soul, and the track “I’m Already Gone” is a perfect example. The smooth strumming of guitars and the absolutely gorgeous vocal harmonies quite frankly had me swooning, ladies and gents.

This song also has nostalgic tones in the verses, with lyrics like the simple statement of “life in yesterday,” but also spark the question of the future and the uncertainty of looking ahead.

The tracks are also inspired by the lawsuit between ADTR and Victory Records. After struggling with the long-term legal proceedings, “Common Courtesy” was finally able to drop as a self-released album. There had been much hype about the album’s release, with the band’s anticipating announcements of the album’s developmental process.

To state the obvious, I’m head over heels for this album.  I have probably enjoyed more treks across campus with my headphones in and enjoying the autumn scenery with this album playing in the background this week than I can count on my hands.

Whether I’m feeling infinite or ready to annihilate everyone and everything with which I come in contact, this album fits practically every random mood possessing me at the time.

A Day to Remember is currently on the House Party Tour with other acts such as All Time Low and Pierce the Veil.

Speakeasy Rating: A

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