Pretty little special of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ tides fans over…for now


Because when you’re trying to solve your best friend’s murder, it’s best to wear a corset. Photo from Hollywood Life.

The Halloween special of “Pretty Little Liars” finally premiered on Tuesday, October 22 after what felt like months of waiting for this beloved show. And as the drama ensued, it only made Liars everywhere more excited for the actual premiere of the new season, which doesn’t begin until later in the winter months. Ugh.

The recap started off reminding viewers of the girls’ arrival in Ravenswood and the sudden realization that Ezra may somehow be a part of the A-team. Viewers’ adrenaline rushes as we prepare for the worst! The scene moves in on the group in strangely beautiful, vintage costumes. They are running from killers though, right? Not the best attire to wear for such a situation, but to each her own, we suppose.

As they enter the party scene, they see a man wearing the costume they saw in A’s newly-discovered lair. They think he might be Board Shorts, a former summer fling of Ali’s, but when he grabs Aria from the ankles, we learn that he’s just some guy. Um, okay. Then we get an outburst of random characters who otherwise play absolutely no part in the episode. Well, okay, ABC Family. Guess someone’s gotta promote “Ravenswood.”

Photo from Hollywood Life.

OH HEY, ALISON. Where you been, girl? Photo from Hollywood Life.

Of course, the girls get split up as they enter the creepy underground hideout conveniently located beneath the even creepier mausoleum. Fans probably cannot wait for the one episode when they don’t get split up. But, alas, this will never happen. Seriously, this time they are literally holding hands — holding hands! —  when the lights go out and Hanna is gone, with a statue in her place. Sorry, but disappearances like that are just so unreal they’re hard to believe, even if this is just TV. Oh, and Hanna ends up in some kind of a haunted house.

While all this is occurring, Caleb is on his way to Ravenswood to make sure Hanna is safe, and meets Miranda, some girl who strangely sits right next to him on a completely empty bus. Okay. Of course, this is all to prepare for the beginning of PLL’s new spin-off, “Ravenswood.” At some points, the episode seemed like it was trying too hard to prepare for the new show instead of just focusing on the situation at hand.

The show puts a lot of focus on Miranda and Caleb’s relationship, and how similar their backgrounds are. Eventually, Hanna tells Caleb to stay in Ravenswood and make sure Miranda is safe, considering the haunted house belongs to her uncle. With Hanna’s blessing, “Ravenswood” is able to take off.

This special had all of the components that every good PLL episode needs — drama, comedy, suspense, fear and stupidity. Though it’s only a random episode for the sake of the coming holiday, it makes fans everywhere pumped for the upcoming season. Anyway, to all the Liars out there, hopefully this episode tides all of you over until winter.

Was the Halloween special up to your standards? Is Haleb ruined forever? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @SpeakeasyMag and let us know what you think.

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