Sammons hopeful Liverpool qualifies for next season’s Champions League

Adele Sammons may play field hockey, but she follows the soccer tables closely. (Ohio Athletics)

Adele Sammons may play field hockey, but she follows the soccer tables closely. (Ohio Athletics)

In her second season under the leadership of Neil Macmillan, Ohio field hockey central midfielder Adele Sammons has become a key figure in the team’s starting lineup.

The Upminster, Eng., native has started all 15 games for the Bobcats this season, and the sophomore has scored one goal and registered two assists this campaign.

In Sammons’ home nation, soccer is everything. A majority of the best English athletes play the game, and there are numerous club teams in the country.

Sammons’ favorite club, Liverpool, has recorded 20 points so far this season, which is good for third place in the English Premier League. The Reds sit two points behind table-toppers Arsenal.

Sammons sat down with Speakeasy Sports to talk about why she supports Liverpool, who her favorite player is and what her expectations are for the club this season.

Speakeasy Sports: To start off, why are you a Liverpool fan?

Adele Sammons: When I was younger, I followed Michael Owen closely. I supported him when he left the club, and I still supported Liverpool even though he was no longer at Liverpool.

Speakeasy: Have you ever been to Anfield?

AS: I went one time with my friend. It was about six years ago when we saw Liverpool play West Ham United. It was a good experience. There was one thing I was disappointed by, though. Whenever I watch Liverpool on TV, I can always hear the crowd signing, especially when they sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. We sat in the West Ham section of the ground, so we couldn’t here them that much because the West Ham supporters were loud. Liverpool won that day, which was nice.

Speakeasy: What is your favorite memory of Liverpool?

AS: When they won the Champions League final in 2005. They were down 3-0 (at halftime against AC Milan), and they tied the game 3-3. The game went to penalties and they won.

Sammons, a die-hard Liverpool fan, cites Steven Gerrard as her favorite Red.

Sammons, a die-hard Liverpool fan, cites Steven Gerrard as her favorite Red.

Speakeasy: Past or present, who is your favorite Liverpool player?

AS: I would have to say Steven Gerrard. He has been at the club for a long time, and he always plays well. The fact that he is English helps, too. I also like Daniel Sturridge. He is also from England, which is good to see.

Speakeasy: The last time Liverpool won the Premier League title was 1990. Liverpool is known as a big club, so how frustrating is it to see the club go so long without winning the title?

AS: It is definitely frustrating, but I think we can do it this year. We have gotten off to a good start. For me, it is more frustrating when we don’t qualify for the Champions League.

Speakeasy: Brendan Rodgers is now in his second season as Liverpool manager. The club has not made the Champions League since 2009. Do you think he is the right man to take Liverpool back into the Champions League?

AS: Yeah, I think he is. I hate it when clubs fire managers after half a year or a full year like Chelsea tends to do. I hope the club gives him a couple more years to prove his worth. He has brought in a couple of players, which will hopefully lead us to the Champions League again.

Speakeasy: The Reds are currently third in the Premier League on 20 points, two points behind Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. What do you make of the club’s start to the season?

AS: It has been a good start. There have been a couple games where the results have been frustrating. It seems like we drop points against the clubs near the bottom of the table, but we are able to beat teams like Manchester United. I’m hopeful they will be consistent throughout the season.

Speakeasy: In your opinion, who do you think is Liverpool’s biggest rival?

AS: It is between Manchester United and Everton, but I have to go with Manchester United. United is always up there in the league. I am not from Liverpool, so I can’t really speak on the Everton-Liverpool rivalry. Plus, I just don’t like Manchester United.

Speakeasy: Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has been heavily linked with moves to Arsenal and Real Madrid recently. Do you think he has a future at Anfield?

AS: I’m hoping so. He is a good player. Money will play a factor, but if he plays well, the fans will support him and hopefully he will stay at Liverpool.

Speakeasy: What are your expectations for Liverpool this season?

AS: I definitely think they can break into the top 4 this season. I also think they will come close to winning the title.

Speakeasy: England has just booked its place in Brazil next summer for the World Cup. Do you think they can do well?

AS: There is always big expectations on England to perform well in major tournaments. I am just hoping people will let them play their football. They usually get to the quarterfinals, but I hope they can get to the semifinals and we’ll see what happens from there. Battling against the top 8 teams in the world is going to be tough.

Speakeasy: The last and only time England won the World Cup was 1966. As I said earlier, the last time Liverpool won the Premier League was 1990. Would you rather see England win the World Cup or Liverpool win the Premier League?

AS: I would rather see England win the World Cup. I will be back at home in England next summer, and it would be really amazing to be home if they win. Football is our major sport, and we have the best league in the world. To have the best national team along with the best league in the world would be an amazing feeling.

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