Have you ended yet? A look at TV overkill

Bones, you know we love you. But it's time to say goodbye. Photo from FOX.

“Bones,” you know we love you. But it’s time to say goodbye. Photo from FOX.

They say all good things must come to an end. That applies to TV shows, too. Did you know “ER” ran for 15 seasons? That’s just excessive. While some of them are still in high demand, others seem to be lacking. Way lacking. Here’s a look at our top six shows that really need to bite the dust.

“Law and Order: SVU”

Um, where is Eliot Stabler? That's all that really matters. Photo from Yahoo TV.

Um, where is Eliot Stabler? That’s all that really matters. Photo from Yahoo TV.

Words cannot describe how hard this is to say. Because it’s hard. Really hard. The long-running crime drama about detectives in the NYPD’s special victim’s unit has always been a favorite, particularly among teenage girls and middle aged women with Netflix accounts. However, after 15 seasons of constantly recycled plot lines, it seems it’s time to say goodbye. Plus, after Detective Stabler (Christopher Meloni)  exited the series two seasons ago to be replaced by Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) things haven’t been the same. Partially because Pino joined the series right after his longtime roll as a detective on “Cold Case” ended. It seemed like the character was just transferred to a different city and department (write a crossover fanfic about that one) which makes things awfully confusing. The exit of extremely lovable Sgt. Munch (Richard Belzar) is just another reason why it’s time this classic needs to embrace its eternal life in USA and TNT syndication.

“American Idol”

Remember when it was these three? Yeah, neither do we. Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Remember this dream team? Yeah, neither do we. Photo from New York Daily News.

If anyone can name who the new judges will be next season, we will give you $100 (not really, but we’ll certainly be impressed). The once-beloved show is just not the same. What used to be one-of-a-kind is now lost in a muddle of better singing competition shows on primetime. Ever since Paula (and more notably Simon) left the show a few years ago, it can’t seem to catch a break, especially with judges. Bringing in big names only for them to leave, come back, and leave again… It’s a hot mess. It’s okay for you to end, “American Idol.” It’s okay. You have a huge legacy in television history; just do it before it becomes even more embarrassing.


Does anyone still watch this show? Because somehow CBS still manages to air annoying commercials of how it’s the number one show on television. Yeah, no. The long-running series about crimes investigated in the marine and naval forces has been dragging on for a whole 10 years now. Most of us probably remember it as the show we used to occasionally enjoy watching with our dads. Now it’s just that show that we keep forgetting is on TV. How many cop shows do we really need?


This is still kind of fun...just end it now. Photo Credit: Fan Pop

This is still kind of fun… Just end it now. Photo from Fanpop.

Again, another semi-cop, investigator show. There’s just so many. This one, however, needs to end on a slightly better note than the other ones. “Bones,” now in its ninth season, has been around the block as far as plot points go, particularly with Bones and Booth. Good character development, fun quirks, chemistry, an accidental baby, relationships and now finally a wedding. It’s hit all the right notes, while remaining decent. Now it’s just time to kill it before it becomes too much. The show is clearly declining in popularity, it got a late start this year and was moved to Friday night (the kiss of TV death). Let’s try to go out somewhat strong, eh “Bones?”

“Two and a Half Men”

This show literally needed to end like two seasons ago. One of the most obvious TV lessons to learn is that re-casting hardly ever works out, and this was no exception. Ashton Kutcher? Really? When your main actor has a huge public meltdown, sometimes you just have to go for cancellation. Taking the show in a new, and completely unrealistic direction (seriously Alan, just get your own house. You’re a chiropractor, and it’s been 10 years) hasn’t worked. Even with the recent, somewhat clever addition of introducing Charlie’s long lost daughter (Amber Tamblyn), it’s still time for this longtime favorite to just call it a day.

“The Simpsons”

You're show is iconic....we get it. Photo Credit: LardLad.com

You’re show is iconic….we get it. Photo from LardLad.com

There’s a fine line between continuing a show for nostalgia, and just continuing it because you don’t know what else to do. The record-breaking, longest-running animated series of all time has crossed that line. The once fresh idea of making cartoons for adults has now been unfortunately overrun by the likes of Seth McFarlane. Going over 20 years is really something great for a show that has no consistent plot whatsoever. That’s to be celebrated, but not stretched out.

In the television industry, it’s a miracle to get past the first season. These shows should be proud of their longevity, but it’s not an excuse to go on forever. These shows should take note and hopefully wrap up their never-ending productions sometime in the near future. Please?

What TV shows do you think need to just end already? Leave us a comment and let us know, or tweet us @SpeakeasyMag!

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