Listen up, ladies (and dudes): 5 lessons we learned from ‘Girl Code’

Ain't that the truth. "Girl Code," we love you. Gif from Tumblr.

Ain’t that the truth. “Girl Code,” we love you. Gif from Tumblr.

Listen up, ladies, it’s time to talk about “Girl Code.” Admit it, you love it. MTV’s breakout hit is a few weeks into its second season and it’s already filled with laughs and quotable moments. The “spin-off” of MTV 2’s “Guy Code” is in a league of its own with memes, Tumblrs, and Twitter accounts that pay homage to these awesome ladies. In fact, we don’t just love it, we learn from it. Check out the top five things that all girls (and boys) can learn from “Girl Code.”

5. There’s no such thing as TMI:

Speaking the truth...

Speaking the truth. Photo from Tumblr.

When it comes to taboo topics, “Girl Code” is never ashamed. And just hint for all you boys out there, that’s the way it is when ladies are together, deal with it. “Girl Code” isn’t afraid to wander into down under territories (literally). STIs, masturbation, the gynecologist and basically everything involving your vagina have been covered. And why not? That’s the real lesson here. When you’re with your girls (or anyone, although I’d recommend avoiding your parents), be comfortable. We all do it (again, sorry to parents who read this article), it’s just the truth. “Girl Code” teaches us to let our TMI flag fly.

And sad it is. Photo Credit:

And sad it is. Photo from

4. Working out sucks, and junk food is amazing:

For some reason, men are convinced that since girls can be such “dainty” creatures that we don’t like to eat, and must get our rocks off by going to the gym. Yeah… no.  “Girl Code” helps clear that up nicely. When discussing topics such as diets and exercising, they’ve pretty much explained the truth. Join a gym, eat a burger. Work out, feel like you wanna throw up. Go on a diet, be sad. Have a sleepover, it’s all about the food. While us girls do diet, and while we do work out, there’s only a select few of us out there who actually enjoy it. We’re girls, not fairies. Thank you, “Girl Code,” for making us feel less alone in that.

Photo from Tumblr.

Jamie Kardsashian? Why not. Photo from Tumblr.

3. We love girly things:

Some stereotypes are true. This doesn’t go for everyone, but the ladies of “Girl Code” prove that most of us definitely love our shopping, hair, makeup–all that jazz. And we take it seriously. As the ladies have proved, shopping is a sport that involves serious strategy, sometimes you don’t even want to look at yourself before putting makeup on, and our hair can be used as a method of therapy. Sure it can be a little obsessive, but hey what’s life without a few obsessions? Guys clearly have them too. Besides, who doesn’t love retail therapy?

2. Dudes be crazy:

You just want him to be warm. Nothing wrong with that.

You just want him to be warm. Nothing wrong with that. Photo from

Boys drive some of us nuts. There’s no avoiding it, and our favorite “Girl Code” ladies don’t shy away from that. Since many episodes cover breakups, being dumped, ex-boyfriends and crushes, it’s clear that they come up quite a lot. Even in other topics, such as cooking and mothers, advice on the boys seem to find there way in there somewhere. The advice though is always different and varied, and keeps our options open when it comes to those crazy boys (sorry guys). Plus, the ladies just prove another thing girls love to do–talk about boys. Whether it’s your boyfriend (or your imaginary boyfriend) it’s all good.

1. Most importantly, always have your girls:

Photo from Tumblr.

That’s the definition of friendship. Photo from Tumblr.

Ladies, you know your girls have your back. If “Girl Code” has taught us anything, it’s that. Girls’ nights are key, sleepovers are science, and when times get tough, that’s who you really need to lean on. The best part about “Girl Code” is that’s just what it is, a code for the ladies. Whether you’re having laughs, fights or criticizing each others’, well, let’s just say questionable choices, they’re gonna be there for you. Whether that be with advice or chocolate. We need to stick together, cause at the end of the day, your girls are who really got your back.

Are you obsessed with “Girl Code?” Tell us your favorite moments from the show in the comments, or tweet us @SpeakeasyMag!

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