Playlist of the month: November weather

Frank Turner opening for the 2012 London Olympics . Photo by Ian Langsdon.

Frank Turner opening for the 2012 London Olympics. Photo by Ian Langsdon.

Numerous college students, myself included, find the only method of coping with multiple treks across campus is to put in their headphones and play music. It allows us to keep to ourselves when dealing with masses of other migrating students, mirrors our attitude for the day, and also drives our motivation to walk in the first place.

The type of music we’re listening to also influences how we take in the imagery around us. From a personal standpoint, the genres that I listen to vary on the time of year, day, and especially the season. While my taste in music doesn’t exactly change, I listen to particular genres more frequently in some seasons than others. I listen to a large quantity of rap in the summer, but in the fall I like to tone it down with some earthy folk feels.

This is a just a broad sense of how I split up my tastes in music.  I even like to listen to specific musicians during each month. For November, I’ve compiled a list of suggested artists to listen to who have encased the mood, weather and feels for this month.

1. Frank Turner

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this British singer-songwriter, his music is a mixture of folk and punk that can be perfect background music for taking an Autumn stroll or jamming out in one’s room and pouring the heart out while singing along. Frank Turner is accompanied by his backing band, The Sleeping Souls. Recommended tracks in particular are “The Way I Tend To Be”, “Recovery”, “Plain Sailing Weather”, and “Photosynthesis”.

2. The Smiths

We’re all a little sad now that Halloween has come and passed, so why not have a good cry about it while Morrissey serenades us to sleep? Just kidding (kind of). The Smiths’ music might have some of the most depressing lyrics one will ever hear, but they’re absolutely beautiful and find their way right to the core of even the coldest of hearts. The Smiths go great with the chill that’s settled in the air and the fading colors of Fall. I recommend songs such as “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”, “Cemetry Gates”, “This Charming Man”, and “The Headmaster Ritual”.

3. Dads

This band has an alternative/grunge/indie/whatever sound that might have one jumping into a car and taking a solo drive for a few hours or however long their discography lasts, considering they’re a relatively young band. I dunno know about all y’all, but I’m kind of infatuated. “Shit Twins”, “Big Bag Of Sandwiches”, “No We’re Not Actually”, and “New Pantera” are some great tracks for starters.

4. Little Dragon

On their website, this Swedish electronic band describes their music as “Dreamy, rhythmical, shifting, moody rainbow sounds,” and I don’t think there’s a better way to define them. They have a musical ability to make colors dance in one’s mind with their sound alone; perfect for a sunny nature walk or a light display in a cozy abode. Their music also compliments grey moods and visions as well, if bright colors aren’t desired. My personal favorites are “Twice”, “Constant Surprises”, “Place to Belong”, and “Crystalfilm”.

5. A Day to Remember

Despite how much someone loves a particular season, there is always a downside to it. Obviously Fall’s fault is the return of academics. Yes, school’s been in session for a few months, but the monotony of going back has set in and now all we can do is wait until the last few weeks before Thanksgiving and Holiday breaks. The anticipation is killer and quite frankly makes me want to rage. Luckily, there’s a band that allows me to channel all of that rage: ADTR. This pop punk band was perfect to listen to during this time of the year all throughout high school and now even in college. The band even released a new album on November 24, though most of the tracks had already leaked. Recommended songs include “All Signs Point To Lauderdale”, “Start The Shooting”, “I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Out Of?”, and “I’m Already Gone”.

6. Department of Eagles

This band is a mixture of indie, psychedelic and folk rock that provides relaxing background music on a chilly November morning. Their sound is similar to what could be considered their sister band, Grizzly Bear. Singer-songwriter Daniel Rossen is a member of both bands and provides vocals, guitar, and other musical elements for the two acts. Songs specifically good for November are “Phantom Other”, “Romo Goth”, Floating On The Lehigh”, and “While We’re Young”.

7. Death Cab For Cutie

Oh, Death Cab. There’s not much else to say, is there? But really, I don’t think a November playlist would be complete without this band. One can immediately recognize the soothing vocals of Ben Gibbard in any musical collaboration to which he’s contributed. I won’t recommend what is undoubtedly their most popular song, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, because I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard it on one of their Pandora stations at least once if not beforehand– but if it’s a favorite, then by all means, add it to the playlist. Songs I do recommend are “Transatlanticism”, “Soul Meets Body”, “Your New Twin Sized Bed”, and “I Was A Kaleidoscope”.

8. Andrew Bird

I have unashamedly put a ridiculous amount of music on this playlist that can be classified as folk, but I can’t stop yet. The difference with Andrew Bird is the variety in his music which has mostly to do with the ridiculous amounts of instruments he can play. Along with singing, he uses the guitar, violin, glockenspiel, and the underrated talent of whistling in his music. It all makes for an absolutely beautiful sound. Suggested songs are “Heretics”, “Yawny At The Apocalypse”, “Fake Palindromes”, and “Lull”.

9. Regina Spektor

If I had to pick only one month out of the year to play Regina Spektor’s music, it would be November. This musician is probably has some of the most intelligent and powerful lyrics combined with a quirky sound. Every song has its own soul and element that makes it unique. My favorite songs by Regina Spektor are “Uh-Merica”, “Pavlov’s Daughter”, “20 Years Of Snow”, and “Après Moi”.

10. Bat For Lashes

I might just have a fixation on multi-instrumentalists, but Natasha Khan’s electronic dream pop music represents November well. I particularly favor listening to her music at night, which is perfect considering the sun sets (ridiculously) early. More nighttime, more Bat For Lashes. My song suggestions include “What’s A Girl To Do?”, “Daniel”, “Lilies”, and “All Your Gold”.

11. Frightened Rabbit

A Scottish indie folk band. Enough said. The accent is thick (and has me swooning), the lyrics touch the soul, and the music itself sends chills down my spine yet warms me at the same time. Very November-esque. Recommended songs are “Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms”, “Holy”, “The Loneliness And The Scream”, and “State Hospital”.

What’s on your November playlist? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet at us!

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