Living with a legend: a Vine legend, that is.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.18.17 PM

Logan Paul, the Vine-verified freshman. Photo from Facebook.

Going random for your college roommate is a bold move. What will the person be like? Weird? Funny? Will other people like him? Freshmen Brad Morrissey and Zaid Gharaybeh can check all three for their random roommate, Logan Paul.

Paul has 1.26 million followers on the mobile app Vine, and  it’s not simply because of his good looks. His quirky, confident, yet still welcoming personality transfers directly from the screen to real life. Morrissey and Gharaybeh have learned to live with a social media celebrity.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.19.38 PM

Brad Morrissey, one of Logan’s roommates. Photo from Facebook.

Morrissey realized his roommate was famous on Vine a few weeks before he came to OU and “figured there would always be something going on in the dorm room.”

The transition was a bit more jarring for Gharaybeh. As a transfer student from Jordan in the Middle East, Gharaybeh had never heard of Logan Paul before. “I saw the app at one point, but that’s it,” he said.

With over two months of the school year behind them, both roommates had figured out who exactly Paul is.

“He is pretty funny, definitely,” Morrissey said. “You can only see a certain amount of Logan Paul on Vine. In our dorm room and in normal life, though, he is definitely energetic.”

Gharaybeh agreed. “I think he is in Vine mode all the time. His Vine personality is the same as his normal personality.”

Paul shares this love for his roommates, saying, “It’s so rare to find kids that are outgoing and funny, but they both are, which is awesome. I’m so thankful for it.”

Morrissey is aware, however, of the way an outsider may perceive Paul. “I’ve definitely heard a lot of people say that he is childish, but he is just having fun. He isn’t a weird kid. If you were to actually talk to him, you would know he is just a normal kid who does fun, weird stuff on Vine.”

Considering that Paul posts one Vine per day, it’s easy to assume that he is always asking for assistance from his roommates. But that’s not the case.

“I actually really don’t find that there are any interruptions to my daily life. I’m willing to help him out when I want to. It’s not like he calls me up and I am like ‘yes sir,’” Gharaybeh says.

But when he does help Paul out with making a Vine, Gharaybeh makes sure he has plenty of time to get the shot just right.

“If I am filming for him, I probably have to film it like ten times to get the best shot, which sucks. Logan is definitely a perfectionist. But I enjoy it if I have free time,” Gharaybeh says.

Paul claims he enjoys it even more.

“When they have a second and help me out, I love it and I appreciate it so much. But I don’t expect anything from them because I know they aren’t my friends that I knew before… They don’t owe me anything,” Paul says.

It is clear that their random roommate experience has been positive. They help each other out, laugh together and have even learned things from one another.

“Logan has taught me ‘don’t care about what people say.’ I already thought that way, but Logan forced it onto me,” Gharaybeh says.

Morrissey has felt the same effect since living with Paul. “Logan doesn’t care what people think so it definitely rubs off on you a little bit.”

As it turns out, Vine videos and Paul, Morrissey and Gharaybeh’s relationship both have a lot in common: laughter, entertainment and memories. The difference is that this friendship is most definitely going to last more than six seconds.

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