Tabletop Tuesday: Born of the Gods

Our good friends from Wizards of the Coast are coming out with a new Magic set!

We all waited with such baited breath.

We all waited with such baited breath.
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This next one (coming out on Feb. 8 with prerelease events on the Feb. 1-2) is nicely titled Born of the Gods, and is basically a sequel to the last set, Theros, which we talked about before, and which I have since come to think of like a celery stalk that smells like bacon.



In short, a disappointment.

However, much like my acne (apparently), hope springs eternal, and despite the last set, I am excited for Born of the Gods.

First of all, there’s the new mechanics: Inspired and Tribute. Quick technical rundown:

Oreskos the Sun God

From the Wizards of the Coast website

Inspired has certain effects that occur whenever the card untaps. Inspired is good because if you fill a deck half with Inspired creatures and half with creatures that let you tap or untap creatures, you’ll be able to dominate the field as if you are the only one holding the rocket launcher in a shooter game.

From the Wizards of the Coast Website

From the Wizards of the Coast website

Tribute effects force your opponents to choose between a powered-up creature, or sacrificing something to prevent that fate. Tribute is a rather cruel effect – it’s a “would you rather” problem where neither option is good. While these creatures tend to be fairly expensive to play, that can easily be overcome.

Also, there’s a whole new rack of “god” cards (which, as some of you might know, were introduced in the last set). This is including a “god” card of one of the planeswalkers from the previous set named Xenagos the Reveler who, apparently, did something extra pretty nice.

I guess he invented Shawarma.

I guess he invented Shawarma.

As of the time of writing, spoilers have revealed all the new gods, minus one. These seem a little more useful than those in the previous set – they are two-colored, where personally I use many multi-colored decks.

They are still following the Greek mythology theme, which I think is awesome. Hopefully it won’t follow the example of Theros.

Lord willing.

Lord willing.

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