Single on Valentine’s Day? Not a problem

Self explanatory. Photo from My Damn Channel

Self explanatory. Photo from My Damn Channel

If you’re single like myself and many other students, Valentine’s Day can be seen as just another day to remind you that you don’t have a significant other. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the day alone and jaded! There are plenty of ways to make this the best single-someone day ever.

1. Grab your closest single pals, junk food and your choice of movies. Sure, stuffing your face and vegging out alone on Valentines Day could be seen as pathetic, but when you do it with your friends, it becomes 100 percent socially acceptable. Watching cheesy scary movies is the perfect way to forget what day it is, and luckily Netflix is jam-packed with them. It’ll give you a good laugh that will distract you from the impending loneliness of Valentines Day.

2. Feb. 14 is a Friday, go out and enjoy. It may seem like you’re the last single person on campus, but because that isn’t true, it’s going to be a Friday where the bars are full of other people who don’t have someone to spend the day with. Go dance, meet a cute stranger, drink (if you’re of age, obviously) and have a good time! Being single just means you have the opportunity to meet someone new.

3. Treat yourself. Whether it’s a trip to Chipotle, buying that pair of boots uptown you’ve had your eye on or an extra drink at the bar, this is a day to celebrate yourself. Don’t forget the person who should love you the most is yourself.

4. Hit up the gym. Nothing makes me feel better than a good workout at the gym. It’ll boost your self esteem and give you endorphins, which are scientifically proven to make you happier (thanks, Elle Woods). So throw on some baggy sweats and head to the gym to get out all your negative feelings.

5. Try something new. Go to that restaurant that’s sounded good but you’ve never had the nerve to try. Wear the shirt you bought that you’ve never worn, re-organize and revamp your room with easy DIY projects.

6. Have a black hearts party (for those looking to focus on their loneliness) Gather up mutually single people, party beverages, get a heart shaped piñata and a bat. It’s a simple concept, throw darts at pictures of happy couples, beat candy out of the heart-shaped piñata, all while making a point that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized mess, and you don’t have to spend the money buying someone a teddy bear.

7. Creep on Facebook, and realize how much better off you are.  We all have that one ex we aren’t proud of, but a day like Valentine’s Day can make you wonder if dumping them was really such a great idea, telling yourself you could have learned to love their doll collection… Yeah. Well let me tell you—it was worth it. If it takes a trip to their Facebook page to realize that, then go for it. Once you’re reminded of why breaking up was a good idea, you’ll be much happier that you’re single.

8. Stock up at the day-after candy sales! What better way to celebrate, than stocking up on valentines day candy when goes on sale the very next day! Because nothing is sweeter than price cuts on your favorite candy. Plus, if you followed the advice of number 4, then you totally deserve it. So yes, Valentine’s Day may be for those in love, but just because you aren’t in a relationship, doesn’t mean there isn’t love in your life. Remember all the people that love you, family, friends, pets and of course, your Bobcat family.

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