How to never wear pants

We feel ya, Kimmy. Pants are the worst. Photo from

Are leggings pants? This question seems to generate much discussion among the young women of Athens. But perhaps our Bobcat gals shouldn’t be pondering the ‘pant status’ of leggings, and start brainstorming ways to wear these comfortable bottoms as frequently as possible.

After over two years of not-rocking denim, I’ve managed to craftily develop a system in which ‘real pants’ (especially jeans) can be avoided in all situations with little to no complications. The following are some common difficulties often associated with wearing leggings as pants. If you implement these simple solutions into your own wardrobe, you’ll be living the pants-free life in no time!

Kendall Jenner masters the art of camoflauge. Photo from The Daily Mail.

PROBLEM: Everyone keeps staring at my butt because it looks fantastic in these leggings.

SOLUTION: Yay! Your butt looks fab!  But if you’re going for a modest look, consider wearing a top that hits about mid-thigh.  It’ll cover your sexy tush and all the weird stuff that sometimes goes down in the front.

PROBLEM: Leggings so thin, they’re see-through.

SOLUTION: This is an incredibly easy fix.  Wearing two pairs of leggings gives an extra layer between your behind and the outside world, alleviating any translucency issues you may be having with your leggings.  This is also a great fix for when the temperature begins to dip; an extra layer will help keep your bottom half toasty!

PROBLEM: Leggings that ride down.

SOLUTION: Wear a cami, tank top or undershirt and tuck it in to your leggings.  The fabric will help give them something to grip and keep them from migrating south.

Jealous? We thought so. Photo from We Heart It.

PROBLEM: But I like the way I look in jeans!

SOLUTION: If you like the way you look in jeans, you’ll love the way you look in jeggings.  Not only are they significantly more stretchy and comfortable than actual jeans, but they also do magical things to make your butt look super Kim Kardashian-y.

PROBLEM: The frontal wedgie situation.

SOLUTION: The unsightly frontal wedgie, commonly referred to as ‘camel toe’ and ‘genital cleavage’, can be easily avoided one of two ways:

1. Don’t pull your leggings up over your belly button.

(Or, if you like pulling them up over your belly button…)

2. Wear two pairs of leggings but only pull up the bottom pair.  The bottom pair will give you the support you’re looking for while the top pair rests freely over them.

PROBLEM: I love the ’80s!

SOLUTION: That’s great!  Hit up your nearest thrift store and buy some old sweaters. Now everyone will know you love the ’80s when you have yourself a Man Sweater Monday!

Straight from that business meeting to lounging on the couch. They’ll never know the difference. Photo from AboutWardrobe.Blogsot.Com

PROBLEM: But I have to dress up.

SOLUTION: Pairing a relatively plain blazer with a pair of dark-colored leggings and patterned flats is a great way to dress them up.  For a more casual but still professional look, pair them with an oversized button-down shirt.  Leggings are also a great addition to dresses when you’re trying to be warm and dressy.  Pair plain, solid-colored leggings with busy dresses and patterned ones with simple dresses.

PROBLEM: Low on dat cash-flow.

SOLUTION: Walmart sells no-boundaries leggings for $5.67 a pair.  You could buy ten pairs and still spend less money than you would on a pair of True Religion jeans.

PROBLEM: They’re just too comfy and too perfect and too good to be true.

SOLUTION: Uhm, are you crazy?  If you could feel like you’re wearing pajamas while stylishly going about your day, why wouldn’t you?

And that, my spandex-loving friends, is how I’ve spent the past two years of my life rocking the no-pants lifestyle.  I now call you to join me in the fight against denim and cross over to the stretchy side!  Your life will never be the ‘seam.’

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