Whit’s, Fluff, Village Bakery: Which one takes the cake?


Fluff Bakery’s Scrumptious Red Velvet Cupcakes. Photo by Tristen Phipps.

Craving something sweet, gooey, rich and creamy? Where’s the best place to satisfy your cravings in Athens? Fluff, Whit’s and Village Bakery have the answers to your quest for deliciousness. The question is: Which one is for you?

Fluff Bakery

High school sweethearts and OU alums Jess and Jason Kopelwitz opened Fluff Bakery in 2010. Since its opening, the bakery has thrived in Athens. Fluff utilizes local ingredients and is a completely independent bakery and catering establishment.

Among the most popular choices on the Fluff menu are the snickerdoodle bar, chocolate chip cookies and monster cupcakes. At $2.50, the snickerdoodle bar proved to be a scrumptious treat. With a cake-like texture as its base, the bar was then smothered in rich sugar-coated icing.

Freshmen Jojo Cook, Ellie Scott and Julia Daniel have only visited Fluff a few times, but gave it positive reviews. Cook’s Fluff favorite is tiramisu, even though it is not a permanent menu item.

Whit’s Frozen Custard

Chuck Whitman and his wife Lisa shared a passion for frozen treats and opened the doors to their first Whit’s Frozen Custard shop in Granville, Ohio in 2003. Whit’s now has 18 locations in Ohio with the anticipation of four more shops to be opened soon.


Whit’s notorious Buckeye Madness.
Photo by Tristen Phipps.

Whit’s employee Ian McGee says the most popular item on Whit’s menu is Buckeye Madness. This frozen treat is a mixture of vanilla custard, chocolate syrup and peanut butter. Buckeye Madness, without a doubt, earned its title as top seller. The sweet vanilla custard is perfectly complimented by the rich chocolate and peanut butter. At $5, Buckeye Madness may not be an ideal choice for a Bobcat on a budget, but it is well worth the price.

Seniors Lindsay and Melissa Youmell visit Whit’s faithfully almost every week for their notorious “Flavor of the Week.” The Youmells love the environment and street-side location of Whit’s. Freshman Julia Daniel says, “I like Whit’s atmosphere more. I really like the coffee atmosphere.” Sam Luers visits Whit’s weekly and also says his favorite thing is the atmosphere. “It’s just fun to hang out here,” he said.

Village Bakery

Village Bakery can be found at 268 E. State St. and is an independent, organic bakery. Unlike Whit’s and Fluff, Village Bakery is a little further from the hustle and bustle of Court Street.

Village Bakery offers a quiet, artsy and laid back environment for customers. Employee Kristina Markey says the most popular items, such as the mocha fudge brownie and the sticky date cake, sell out almost as soon as they hit the shelves.

The top sellers on the menu are the mocha fudge brownie, macaroons and the lemon yogurt cookie. At only $1, the coconut macaroon was small but mighty and full of flavor. At a mere $1.50, the lemon yogurt cookie was a soft and gooey bliss injected to perfection with lemon flavor.

Who’s our favorite?


Delightful selections at Village Bakery.
Photo by Tristen Phipps.

Fluff, Whit’s and Village Bakery are all very appealing bakeries for Bobcats. Fluff and Village Bakery are both local options that operate independently and also offer hot meals. Village Bakery, also connected to The Underground Market, is an environment especially appealing to anyone looking for a quiet place to enjoy their sweet treats. Fluff offers  attractive treats all made from scratch with ingredients from local markets. Whit’s has a popular atmosphere for college students and offers a variety of sweet custard treats and coffee that are made fresh daily. Whit’s seemed to take the cake on this one; however, Fluff and Village Bakery stand for a bigger cause by supporting Athen’s local farmers and markets, making their personal victories just a little sweeter.

Which local bakery is your favorite? What’s your favorite dessert in Athens? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @SpeakeasyMag!

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