A Bobcat’s dream spring break getaway


You mean you’re not trying to recreate “Spring Breakers” this week? That’s weird.
Photo from High Snobiety.

At this point in the semester, homework and stress are relentless and unavoidable. But there is hope. Soon, we will have one week of complete freedom to let loose, relax and enjoy life without any thoughts of school. This week, Bobcats will travel pretty much anywhere to rid themselves of the Ohio gloom, but not all of us are lucky enough to start celebrating “Spring Breakers” style. Here are a few places we’ll fantasize about while we sit on the couch watching movies with our parents.

The Bahamas: Welcome to the Caribbean, where the sand is soft, the water is warm and the drinks are strong. What could be better? Here you are, imagining yourself laying out a towel on the beach and catching some rays. If you like more of an adventure, you might try some of the top snorkeling gear for a quick snorkel or scuba diving to see the amazing creatures that live under the water. Oh, and pretty much everyone you meet is happy and polite because, honestly, how can you be angry when you’re in the Bahamas? The only problem with this plan is funding. After all, we’re poor college students. Oh well, I guess we can still look up pictures and pretend, right?

So… when is cast off? Photo from Octopus Diving.

A cruise: This is possibly one of the most fun and relaxing things anyone could ever do. Feel the sway of the ocean waves on a gigantic ship that smoothly glides over the water. On the boat, you’ll have an array of delicious food, drinks and activities. You could get a massage, go swimming or relax in a hot tub. Every now and then the ship will make a few stops for you to get off at and explore or go shopping. You’ll meet a multitude of diverse people and could make some new best friends. Too bad you’ll never get to go. Or you’ll end up with Norovirus. Or like these people!

Cancun: A trip to Mexico? Don’t mind if I do! Some beautiful weather, beaches and fruity drinks make me a happy college student. With nothing to worry about except which bathing suit to wear… I think I could handle that. If only, if only.

No one will think I’m weird if I start singing “Amigas Cheetahs” in the middle of the street, right? Photo from PX Drive.

Barcelona: I just want to be like the Cheetah Girls and explore this beautiful city while singing everywhere and meet a cute boy with an accent and a guitar. Is that too much to ask for? I didn’t think so. The Cheetah Girls do say, “You gotta strut like you mean it, Free your mind. It’s not enough just to dream it, come on, come on.” I will take that advice. Barcelona, here I come! Ha. Just kidding. I wish.

Paris: Bonjour mon amie. Ah yes, the city of love… what could be better? With beautiful landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to visit, shopping areas I can only dream of and food made for the gods, I would gladly go to France and fall in love for a week. With a little pocket translating book, I would be all set. Too bad I’ll never get to eat a baguette along the Seine River. Oh woe is me…

I asked a few fellow Bobcats where they would go for Spring Break if they could go anywhere. Here are some of their responses:

“I would go to southern Italy because I have family there and I would visit them in Naples. I would go to a soccer game because that’s what I would really want to do. I would go to the beach, catch some waves, drink some wine, eat some pasta in the evening, and enjoy the easy life of the Italians” – Luke Torrance, freshman journalism major.

“Seattle, which is where I’m going, actually. I’m visiting my grandmother. Mostly I just want to see the West Coast again. I miss the Pacific” Ian L-Calger, junior mechanical engineering major.

“If I could go anywhere, I would probably go to Hawaii. It’s warm. It’s sunny. It’s nice. It’s somewhere different” – Collin Porter, freshman media major.


So, fellow Bobkitties, if you could go anywhere for Spring Break where would you go? Leave us a comment or tweet your responses @Speakeasymag!

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