Early 2000s albums you forgot were awesome

Like we'll ever get over this decade of music. Photo from redigi.com.

Like we’ll ever get over this decade of music. Photo from redigi.com.

Everyone loves a good nostalgia trip right? Those moments at a party when you’re in the middle of someone’s living room, and THAT song from THAT album comes on. You haven’t heard this song in forever, yet amazingly you still know all the words. You’re going to make sure everyone in that house hears your off-key singing, and if they have forgotten how awesome the year 2004 was for music, you will let them know. Loudly and incoherently, but they will know.

Though probably no one on the Speakeasy staff will remember when, say, Weezer or Oasis dropped their debut albums in 1994, the early to mid-2000s were pretty exciting as well. And if you too have forgotten, don’t worry about it. We’ve got you.

Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane (2002)

There was a time when Adam Levine wasn’t seen every week on one of too many singing reality shows. “The Voice” has oversaturated Adam Levine. You see him everywhere now, and the music ultimately has paid the price.

Despite Maroon having many hits since, you could argue that “Songs About Jane” was their last good album. “Moves Like Jagger” was the single that really marked a stark decline in the quality of Maroon 5 songs. The track can be found on the ironically titled album “Overexposed,” which features fellow “The Voice” judge Christina Aguilera.

Tracks like “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved” make you miss what once was: a soulful pop-rock band with all the potential for great music and a mysteriously gorgeous lead singer.

Outkast – Stankonia (2000)

Photo from Wikipedia.

There’s more to Outkast than shakin’ it like a polaroid picture, we promise. Photo from Wikipedia.

In light of recent announcements of a 20th Anniversary festival tour, the greatness that is Outkast is being revisited. Despite people unfortunately not knowing who Outkast is, or only seeing them as, “that group who made that ‘Hey Ya!’ song that I like,” there are people out there who actually know who Outkast is.

Singles from the album included “So Fresh, So Clean” and Billboard Hot 100 hit “Ms. Jackson.” The album is one of many works from the duo that was both greatly experimental and critically acclaimed alike. Just make sure you return to the album, as well as the whole catalog, before they take over 40 festivals this year.

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular (2007)

Photo from Rolling Stone.

Plz bring back the “Time to Pretend” days. Plz. Photo from Rolling Stone.

2007 isn’t quite early 2000s, but who really needs rules anyway?

The psychedelic duo released a very lukewarm album just late last year, so you’re bound to have forgotten better received songs like “Kids” and the sickly groovy “Electric Feel.”

Hopefully the guys come to their senses and go back to the style that worked so well for them, but any fan of any artist knows it’s almost impossible to bring back an artist’s music to what it once was. Here’s to wishing, though.

Eminem – The Eminem Show (2004) 

Before “Love The Way You Lie,” Eminem actually rapped quite often about his hatred for his ex-wife and mother, explicitly detailing the very illegal thoughts running through his mind. Who knew, right?

Though not Eminem’s most looked over album, “The Eminem Show” is often shadowed by classic album “The Marshall Matters LP” and commercially successful album “Recovery,” though still huge in its own right.

From government commentary to Superman costumes and Hailie Mathers odes, Eminem covered a lot of ground on his third LP.

No Doubt – Rock Steady (2001)

Photo from Amazon.

All the pre-“Hollaback Girl” goodness you could ask for. Photo from Amazon.

At the time “Rock Steady” was No Doubt’s comeback album, prompting singles “Underneath It All,” “Hella Good” and No Doubt’s biggest single “Hey Baby.” The band showed a heavy reggae influence throughout the record, proving to work very well for them. All the while Gwen Stefani’s guilty pleasure hit “Hollaback Girl” was still some years away. Her solo stint lasted a few years, eventually returning to the band in 2011.

No Doubt’s second comeback effort “Push And Shove” didn’t do as well, and Stefani is currently very pregnant, so don’t expect another album for a while.

Don’t deny it — tell us how you and your friends drop everything whenever “Hey Ya” plays at those lame-0 house parties @Speakeasymag!

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