MAC Tourney 1st round live blog: Ohio vs. Ball State

A student-fan’s perspective of the Green & White’s matchup with the Cardinals:

UPDATE: I put my favorite posts in italics so you could scroll through a little more quickly.

(15:39, 1st): Side note before I get into this: My friends and I like to refer to Ball State as “Balls Taint.”

(15:00, 1st): N’dour is rolling with the water spout hairdo today. It’s served him well in the past, most notably in the big home win over Toledo.

Travis "Silkins" Wilkins is one of the best shooters in the MAC. (photo:

Travis “Silkins” Wilkins is one of the best shooters in the MAC. (photo:

(14:00, 1st): Stevie Taylor just entered the game. He’s still recovering from a calf injury, but he tweeted earlier today that he’s been bumping Migos in preparation for tonight. If that doesn’t get him fired up, I don’t know what will.

(13:16, 1st): Ohio is straight up dominating right now. 22-4 and Ball State looks as flustered as one of the high school teams that were playing here yesterday.

(12:18, 1st): Wilkins just hit another three. I’m calling him “Silkins” from now on.

(11:37, 1st): Mediocre crowd here at the Convo tonight. Personally, I was hoping for a little more, but it’s not too bad for a Monday night. At this point, the ‘Cats don’t need a sixth man.

(11:37, 1st): Ohio has made nine of 10 from the field. Enough said.

(11:06, 1st): Another three from “Silkins.” He’s transformed this year from a quiet role player to one of the ‘Cats biggest offensive threats.

Ball State's Majok Majok makes my all-name team. (photo:

Ball State’s Majok Majok makes my all-name team. (photo:

(10:30, 1st): Ball State’s center, Majok Majok just banked in a deep two. That’s not a typo. Probably the best name in the MAC.

(8:25, 1st): Bean Willis just failed to convert a 4-point play by missing the free throw. In my opinion, it’s the rarest play in basketball. Bean’s stepped up big time recently.

(7:57, 1st): Ohio had a 20-0 run earlier in the half. Prevented a Ball State bucket from 5-4 to 25-4.

(5:30, 1st): Wilkins and Willis both have 11 already. Bobcats starting to get a little sloppy, we’ll see if this continues.

(5:08, 1st): Stevie Taylor just dived on the floor to save a ball from going out. That’s effort you don’t usually see from a hurt player with a 20 point lead. Wow.

(3:57, 1st): I’m late, but Nick Kellogg’s three earlier in the half  (14:38) made him the MAC’s all-time leader in three pointers made.

(2:12, 1st): Ball State’s on a 9-0 run. Score now 36-23. Ohio needs to stop messing around. Crows can feel the lead slipping away; the Convo is getting antsy.

(0:00, 1st): Halftime. Kellogg just tried to recreate his almost-game-winner that he hit on Saturday at Miami.

(Half): Will Smith rap raining down from the speakers here. One wonders why he ever stopped rapping. I’m always looking for rap I can listen to with Mom in the car.

(Half): Ball State ended the half on a 12-2 run. Not too shabby for a 5-24 team.

(Half): I’m a little biased so take this with a grain of salt, but something bugs me about Ball State’s road uniforms. The shade of red makes them look like they were washed a few too many times. A little odd considering I’ve come to expect more from Nike. Despite my hatred for the RedHawks, Miami’s road reds are my favorite I’ve seen all year.

(Half): If they win tonight, Ohio will play Miami/Kent State. Miami lead 33-31 at half.

(19:30, 2nd): Second half is underway. Antonio Campbell just sank two free throws. He continues to get better this year. He’s likely to start next year with Jon Smith graduating. He’s easily the biggest body on the team, and is hard to handle under the basket.

(18:37, 2nd): Just as I posted that, Campbell converted an and-one. Seven points for the freshman. He just needs to learn to stay out of foul trouble. Just committed his third foul and is taking a seat as I type.

(16:16, 2nd): Jon Smith just blocked a Cardinal on a rebound dunk attempt. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. That’s incredible reaction skill.

(15:39, 2nd): Treg Setty just blocked the ball out of bounds on a lay-up attempt. O Zone has had the “SETTY! SETTY! SETTY!” chant on full attack tonight. It’s warranted. Treg began the year appearing nervous and flustered with his new surroundings, but he’s become a fan favorite because of his constant effort.

(15:26. 2nd): Score update: Ohio leads 48-34.

Why does Jim Christian prefer to not wear a blazer? (photo:

Why does Jim Christian prefer to not wear a blazer? (photo:

(14:18, 2nd): I’ve always wondered why Jim Christian never wears a blazer. It may be too hot, who knows? He’s going with the blue shirt/green tie combo tonight. He wore a green sweater on Saturday, or as I like to call it a “Bob Huggins suit.”

(11:58, 2nd): Bobcats lead 52-36.

(11:58, 2nd): Ohio defeated Ball State by 20 on January 15th. Up 16 right now.

(11:16, 2nd): N’dour just finsihed an alley-oop that brought the sparse crowd to their feet. Great pass by T.J. Hall.

(10:39, 2nd): Rufus just paid us a visit. He wants to see the end of the bench get in tonight. Kind of odd for players to go a whole season without stepping on the court. Wadly Mompremier has played in 13 games; D.J. Wingfield has played in just one. No minutes for Khari Harley and Drew Crabtree.

(8:17, 2nd): Another quiet push by Ball State. They’ve cut the deficit to 13, 56-43. Christian noticed and called an Ohio timeout.

(7:35, 2nd): It’s odd to watch a game with no promotions or performances during timeout or halftime. I wonder if that’s because it’s a MAC Tournament game and they have rules against that or the game was just scheduled on too short of notice.

(7:28, 2nd): Antonio Campbell just made one of two from the line. He’s hit four of five tonight and looks to have good form. This makes you wonder why he’s a 38 percent foul shooter on the year.

(6:00, 2nd): Campbell just airballed a three point attempt. I take back what I said about his form. He just made up for it with a lay-in. That gives him 12 points tonight.

(3:34, 2nd): Kellogg hits another three to give Ohio a 15 point lead. He has 17 tonight to lead all scorers.

(3:25, 2nd): Jon Smith just brought the house down with a fastbreak slam. He double-pumped a two hander; the man loves dunking.

(2:00, 2nd): Mompremier subbed in for Jon Smith. The senior gets a nice hand from the crowd… Waiting to see if other seniors get the same treatment.

(1:04, 2nd): Ohio up 72-61. Ball State just called their last timeout.

(57.4, 2nd): ‘Cats started the game making nine of 10 shots. They’ve cooled off. Shooting at 51 percent right now.

(25, 2nd): “Winning team, losing team” time. Wadly even got a bucket.

(FINAL): Ohio 76, Ball State 64. Ohio started the game on fire, cooled off, but held on to defeat the MAC basement dwellers. Bobcats will face Miami on Wednesday in Cleveland.

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