MAC Tourney 2nd round live blog: Ohio vs. Miami

A student-fan’s perspective of the Green & White’s matchup with the RedHawks.

I put my favorites in italics to help you scroll more easily:

(6:24 p.m.): Tip in around five minutes. I’m stuck in my dorm room tonight. I’m in need to find a way to get this game on a television somewhere. WatchESPN let me down big time. On to the MAC live stream…

(6:28 p.m.): YES! Found the game on the MAC’s website. Speakeasy’s Jack Zink is on the scene. He says there’s “literally no one” in the Q right now. If that remains true, it would play to Miami’s advantage more, they’re used to playing in front of no one.

Miami's Millet Hall uses curtains and tarps to make their arena smaller. (photo:

Miami’s Millet Hall uses curtains and tarps to make their arena smaller. (photo:

(6:32 p.m.): No really… I went to the Ohio @ Miami game on Saturday. Miami blocks off around 50 percent of Millet Hall with curtains and tarps, and they still don’t fill the seats. It’s a really odd atmosphere.

(19:46, 1st): Miami just tried to throw an oop on the first possession. It was odd looking, but resulted in a foul called on Anthony Campbell. He gets the start tonight over a hurt N’dour again.

(18:17, 1st): N’dour subbed in for Campbell already.

(17:42, 1st): Jon Smith just dove on the floor for a ball that resulted in a jump ball. Tournament basketball at its finest.

(17:01, 1st): Bean Willis just sank a three that forced Miami to call a timeout. He’s really improved his outside shot and his confidence in that shot. He’s averaging 15 in his last three games.

(15:55, 1st): Ohio leads 9-6. Willie Moore has all six of Miami’s points. He scored 24 against the Bobcats on Saturday. Moore isn’t a very consistent shooter. If Ohio can keep him out of the lane and force some threes (Moore can hit from the arc if left uncontested), they should limit his points.

(15:55, 1st): There appears to be about a 2:1 ratio of Bobcat fans to RedHawk fans on hand for this one. The alumni O Zone always travels well.

(15:55, 1st): Check that, more of a 5:1. Currently battling shitty dorm wifi to get this live stream.

(12:44, 1st): Well, the ‘Cats haven’t scored since my stream went out. Teams are tied at 10. Miami wearing the road Adidas reds. Like I said on Monday, I think those are some of the slickest unis in the MAC.

(12:15, 1st): Ohio has missed its last eight shots. Not good.

(11:45, 1st): Miami has taken the lead, 12-10. Jim Christian is rocking the green sweater tonight. Wonder if he wears the same one for the Christmas card photo.

(10:40, 1st): A lot of fouls are being called here early. Ohio is already in the bonus, Taylor just missed the front end of the one-and-one. Six team fouls for the Bobcats as well.

(10:02, 1st): Stevie Taylor just ended a 5:53 scoring drought. He just tied the score at 12.

(9:44, 1st): Stevie Taylor looks to be a little closer to 100 percent. He’s noticeably quicker, but I don’t think he can control the speed yet.

(7:36, 1st): N’dour just gave Ohio the lead again with one free throw, Kellogg extended it on the next possession with a three. ‘Cats lead 18-14.

(6:20, 1st): “Nature Boy” N’dour just hit a three. You have to wonder, if he bulks up, if he has a legitimate NBA chance after next year. It’s rare to see a big man with his shooting touch and athleticism.

(5:38, 1st): Willie Moore leads all scorers with 13 for the RedHawks. He’s making up for the absence of other Miami starters in foul trouble, including Will Felder (two fouls), Gio McKnight (three fouls), and Quinten Rollins (three fouls).

(4:02, 1st): Bobcats lead 23-19. Miami has only six points from players not named Willie Moore.

(3:33, 1st): Kellogg has 10 points, despite shooting 1 of 5 from three. That’s the biggest difference in his game this season. Nick’s developed a dribble drive to compliment his sniper-like three point shot, making him one of the MAC’s best offensive threats.

(3:02, 1st): Ohio shooting 30 percent from the field, Miami at 22 percent. Not exactly a shootout in Cleveland.

(32.5, 1st): Moore adds a free throw. He now has 14 points. Bobcats struggling to pull away.

(Half): Ohio takes a four point lead into halftime, 27-23. Kellogg leads the ‘Cats with 10 points; N’dour has eight. Both teams shooting under 30 percent for the half. I’m shocked they both have over 20 points at this point.

(Half): The Time Warner Sports Network halftime show is probably the most awkward thing I’ve watched in a long time. There were a lot of odd pauses before that first commercial break.

The MAC Tournament is sponsored by Barbasol Shaving Gel. This hurts the MAC's Mustache March. (photo:

The MAC Tournament is sponsored by Barbasol Shaving Gel. This hurts the MAC’s Mustache March. (photo:

(Half): Miami has two freshman on their team from Australia in Jaryd Eustace and Joshua Oswald. It’s rare to find a single Australian on most college teams not located on west coast. Two on one team in Ohio is crazy.

(Half): I must say, Barbasol’s sponsorship of the MAC Tourney is putting a damper on “Mustache March.

(Half): Dinner run to the dining hall… I’ll be back.

(15:21, 2nd): I always go into the dining hall with great expectations, only to find the best options picked through. Looks like Miami came out of the locker room hot. We’ve got ourselves a ball game!

(13:58, 2nd): Tied up at 36. Both teams good shooting starts have put them over 30 percent for the game. Let’s see if we can get those numbers to 40.

(12:07, 2nd): Ohio University wifi strikes again! I swear if this happens in the final minutes, I may my laptop.

(11:31, 2nd): Miami regains the lead, 43-39. Jaryd Eustace has 10 of Miami’s last 12.

(10:00, 2nd): Stevie Taylor just hit two consecutive threes! He’s been a spark off the bench he has eight points. Ohio up 45-43.

(7:47, 2nd): Eustace has 14 points. His season high is 17, averages 6.0 this season.

(6:55, 2nd): Miami has retaken the lead, 47-45. Bobcats need to stop panicking. They’re forcing too many threes right now. Seven minutes is more than enough time. This game is incredibly similar to Saturday’s matchup between these two rivals.

Bean WIllis' two late threes were the turning point ion tonight's game. (Nicholas Horsley)

Bean WIllis’ two late threes were the turning point ion tonight’s game. (Nicholas Horsley)

(6:00, 2nd): Willis hits a three to put the ‘Cats ahead 48-47. Ohio is now 7 of 26 from beyond the arc. Both teams have cooled off. No player has more than 14 points tonight.

(5:29, 2nd): Bean Willis with another three! He just pulled up as he began the offensive possession. Willis has 11. Ohio has a four point lead, 51-47.

(4:01, 2nd): Kellogg with an old-fashioned three point play. Nick leads Ohio with 15 points. he definitely doesn’t want his Bobcat career to end tonight. ‘Cats up 54-49. Eustace at the line after the break.

(4:01, 2nd): I’m surprised at Eustace’s big game tonight. In Oxford on Saturday, there seemed to be a collective groan from the crowd every time he touched the ball, especially in crunch time.

(2:50, 2nd): Eustace has 16 for Miami. Moore also with 16. Only one other Redhawk has more than four points.

(1:54, 2nd): Miami cuts it to 54-53, then forces a 10-second backcourt call, a very late 10-second call might I add. Things getting tight in Cleveland.

Nick Kellogg scored 20 points and played with the heart of a lion tonight.  (Photo from

Nick Kellogg scored 20 points and played with the heart of a lion tonight. (Photo from

(:38.0, 2nd): N’dour converts on offense then fouls on D. McKnight hits two from the line to cut the lead to one. Bobcats lead 56-55.

(:31.4, 2nd): Kellogg converts an and-one. Ohio up by four. What a play by the senior.

(:22.0, 2nd): ‘Cats force a miss. Bean Willis hits two of two from the line. Ohio leads 62-55.

(FINAL): Ohio wins over Miami 63-55. A steal and Kellogg layup extended the margin to eight, but it was much closer to that in Cleveland.

(FINAL): Kellogg finishes the game with 20 points, but only one three. The senior adjusted and attacked the lane tonight more than I’ve ever seen him do tonight.

(FINAL): Willis had 13; N’dour added 12. Kellogg, a guard, actually led Ohio on the boards tonight with five rebounds.

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