Kellogg, Taylor play FIFA to relax during grueling basketball season

Kellogg and Taylor like to unwind with a friendly game of FIFA. (

Kellogg and Taylor like to unwind with a friendly game of FIFA. (

Nick Kellogg and Stevie Taylor have been two of the star performers for the Ohio Bobcats this season. Whether it was against Ohio State, Morgan State or Richmond, the pair has stepped up when the team has needed clutch baskets.

Even though Kellogg and Taylor are playing the game they love, they still try to find time to relax throughout the season.

One of the main activities Kellogg and Taylor do during the season is play the popular video game FIFA Soccer against each other.

Taylor, a Gahanna, Ohio, native, did not play soccer when he was growing up, but he has witnessed excellent soccer play at Gahanna Lincoln High School.

Taylor saw Wil Trapp play, who is now a member of MLS’s Columbus Crew. Taylor said he loves the way Trapp plays the game. Taylor also said that his favorite player in the world is Real Madrid and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo, and that soccer has been around him for a while.

Kellogg, however, did play soccer while he was growing up.

“It was the first sport I played,” Kellogg said. “I played it way before I played organized basketball. I watch some games, including the Champions League with my pops.”

Kellogg, a Westerville, Ohio, native, says that they both play the game quite a bit. They will try to play every couple of days.

Taylor said that they will play a couple of hours at a time, take a break and get back on the game.

Kellogg and Taylor usually play FIFA on the Xbox One, and both have different strategies.

While Kellogg likes to use possession, switch fields on occasion and use freestyle moves to dominate his opponents, Taylor uses his strong offensive ability.

“I can play good defense, but I like to attack,” Taylor said. “I’ll use through balls to send my attackers on goal, and I can score from there.”

Unlike Kellogg, Taylor said he doesn’t use moves to fool his opponents. He will try to run by his defenders if it’s possible.

If either Kellogg or Taylor needs to win a match, both have teams they turn to. For Kellogg, he will use Portugal because of current Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. If he has to pick a club team, he will settle with European powers Manchester United or Barcelona.

Taylor, however, will use Real Madrid as his club team because of the aforementioned Ronaldo, but, if he needs to pick a country, he’ll go with Neymar and Brazil. If he is not doing well with Brazil, Taylor will use Germany because of their ability to score goals.

Kellogg tells us his first love was soccer. (photo: USA Today)

Kellogg tells us his first love was soccer. (photo: USA Today)

Both love to use Ronaldo, but Taylor has other players he likes to use in the game. He is a big fan of Barcelona superstar Neymar, and Germany and Fiorentina striker Mario Gomez. He says he doesn’t use Lionel Messi at all because he doesn’t like his style of play.

Taylor does not have a favorite memory that stands out in the game, but Kellogg remembers a time when he snatched a last-gasp victory.

“There was one game that came down to a free kick in the 90th minute,” Kellogg said. “I was playing against Stevie, and I took my free kick with Messi. The ball went upper 90 into the goal. We went to overtime, and, of course, I won in overtime.”

Taylor said each person has a streak where they dominate, but Kellogg has a different perspective on how the games go.

“I win about 80 percent of the time,” Kellogg said. “There’s that 20 percent because it’s a video game and you can’t win them all. But he has beaten me, and he is the only person who can beat me.”

Many players of the game have different opinions on how FIFA has evolved in recent years. While Kellogg thinks FIFA 13 was the best of the recent editions, Taylor has other ideas.

“I think (FIFA) 12 was the best,” Taylor said. (FIFA) 13 was changed too much and became unreal. On (FIFA) 14, some of the passing and touching is ridiculous and stupid. (FIFA) 12 looked and felt the best.”

Kellogg and Taylor have not faced each other in a little while, but Taylor said that they will get back to playing FIFA soon.

Bobcat fans won’t care how often or long Kellogg and Taylor play FIFA against each other as long as the ‘Cats can keep winning games in March.

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